Monday, 4 July 2011

Teenage Athena Love

As a teenager I was in love with the black and white Athena posters. I had them as posters…or more often postcard size as they were cheaper..on my bedroom walls.

Does anyone else remember them?


My favourite was one of a little girl…but i cant find a pic of it anywhere Sad smile


I also used to tear out the Guess adverts in magazines and frame them



Here is a pic of me in my teenage years in my room. I have no idea why someone is taking a photo of me on the phone…i also have no idea why i have an L badge on!… There’s the little girl pic on the wall…



See the cat letter holder on my bedside table? I still have that, and it still holds my letters…and if you look really close you can see on the very first organiser..before I could afford a Filofax…i loved that thing.

Come on then…What did you have on your bedroom wall?



  1. I've never heard of Athena posters. Is Athena a photographer?

    Love the photo of you! Look at your pixie cut! Cute!

    I was never allowed to hang anything on my bedroom wall when I was at home. I suppose that sounds strict, but it never bothered me. I had a few framed photos of me with friends, but that was about it. I did have a 'secret' Hanson poster inside my cupboard though, haha.

    x Jasmine

    PS. My new lens is a Canon 50mm. I adore it!
    PPS. I have written you a letter, but I started to get sick while I was writing it ... so when you receive it, I apologise if it doesn't make sense or seems disjointed, haha!

  2. I loved Athena too! That first pic you had, I had it as a clock and I loved it, I found it when I moved 10 years ago and it was like a big neon light screaming at me : EIGHTIES!!!!

  3. I still have a bunch of stills from my favourite films on my wall (although, I do work at a cinema so I figure that makes me slightly less nerdy!).

    Andrea x

  4. I have a similar photo of me on my bed with my walls adorned with pictures too - they were of The Smiths and Marlon Brando.

  5. I like Jasmine haven't heard of Athena posters. I used to cut out certain adverts and put them in my folders for school though :)

    On the walls, I had a whole room full of Hanson posters. Pretty much every inch of my bedroom was covered with them haha. x

  6. I used to cut out the b&w ads from vogue and cover my walls

  7. I can't think of any Athena posters..although, I may have seen them, and not know it.

  8. those posters are so beautiful. a wall full of them would have been awesome!

    i may or may not have had a poster of billy ray cyrus. and his mullet.

  9. I don't think I had anything as a teen, but as a pre-teen it was NKOTB all the way!

  10. i'm embarrassed to say but i had pictures of New Kids on the Block all over my walls. i mean, it was plastered. i think you room was much MUCH more tasteful!


  11. I still love black and white photos

  12. This really cool, I had no idea about Athena posters.

  13. uh, i've never heard of those either!! they look really cool though..

  14. I had Jon Bon Jovi plastered all over my walls. That man still looks good. Am I too old for posters?

  15. ah, these bring back memories. although i could never have told you they were Athena posters.

    what girl didn't drool over that guy!?

    i had duran duran and madonna plastered over my walls..... oh dear... lol

  16. I adore the photo of teenage you! :) So beautiful and not at all embarrassing like our young pictures are supposed to be!

    I use to love the black and white Guess and Calvin Klein ads too! :) My twinkie Micaela and I were in LOVE with boybands. First it was NKOTB and then Take That plastered our walls. Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow everywhere you looked literally :) There was no uncovered space on our walls haha

    So neat you still have the cat letter holder :)