Friday, 26 August 2011

Book Review No. 21!!


January 1946: Writer  Juliet Ashton receives a letter from a stranger, a founding member of the Guernsey Literacy and Potato Peel Pie Society.  And so begins a remarkable tale of the island of Guernsey during the German Occupation, and of a society as extraordinary as its name.

First five sentences… Dear Sidney, Susan Scott is a wonder. We sold over forty copies of the book, which was very pleasant, but much more thrilling from my standpoint was the food.  Susan managed to procure ration coupons for icing sugar and real eggs for the meringue.  If all her literary luncheons are going to achieve these heights, I won’t mind touring the country. Do you suppose that a lavish bonus could spur her on to butter? Lets try it, you may deduct the money from my royalties.

Where I got my hands on it..  I received this in a fabulous swap package from the lovely Elisse.

Made me want to….. Seriously, this made me want my own book club.

The cover.. The cover of this book is quite beautiful, I love everything about it, the colours, the whimsical feel, not only that but how the book actually feels is lovely. It’s kind of soft and floppy, and just feels right every time I picked it up. Yeah I know I’m probably talking squit, but hey I know what I mean.

Who’s the lucky duck that’s getting it next?..  I’m not sure who’s getting this, I may keep it on my book shelf for a while and look at it’s loveliness.

I loved this book. I could kiss Elisse for sending it to me. I took it with me to the field in Kent and read it from the comfort of my home on wheels.

Starting  in 1946 and written in letter form, this book is about the German occupation of the Channel Islands, the people in it, and how they lived amongst the enemy. There are two main characters, Juliet who wrote a war-time magazine column to boost morale, and Elizabeth, one of the founders of the society.  The society itself  was invented late one night when a group of friends are about to be caught breaking curfew, but from there it grows..

It’s a lovely whimsical book, full of characters you will love, but it’s so much more than that, and there is a lot of substance beneath the seemingly light-hearted story.

The books author Mary Ann Shaffer passed away before the book was published and her Niece, Annie Barrows got it out there.

I read somewhere that this book if a book for booklovers. Oh how true!!

Hope the weekend is fabulous. Here, it’s a Bank Holiday. I’m working one day in the shop and 2 sleep overs.  Mr D is chasing his plane. 



  1. Eeeeeeeek, I just love that book so much. I sat on my shelf for quite some time and when I finally got to read it, I was like: WTH, why didn't I read it any sooner?

    That book left me with such a warm feeling in my heart. And ever since I want to visit Guernsey so bad. :)

    Here's to a happy weekend. xoxo.

  2. Not I sat on my shelf, of course. It, meaning the book...

    D'uh. :)

  3. I love your book reviews and im going to add this one to my ever growings list of books to purchase.

  4. Love that you loved this book!! Happy weekend, friend!

  5. I have wanted to read this one for awhile now. So your review just made me realise that I have to read it.

    Your book reviews are awesome! x

  6. i totally love and want to read any book that involves the german occupation for some reason, it fascinates me :)

  7. Claire, I always love your book reviews! This book sounds amazing. I will add it to my list of many books you recommend!

  8. Fun post! Have a great weekend, too! xo style, she wrote

  9. I've already read this and loved it!!

  10. Why did I think the occupation ended in 1945? Why do I let silly things like dates bother me? It does sound like a fascinating plot, and I've just discovered a Half Price Books on my block. I may add it to my list.

  11. The cover is simply beautiful. You make me want to join a book club!
    Oh, I went camping last night, and I thought of you!


  12. We read this one in my book club! Though it made our book club pale in comparison!

  13. It's one of my most favourite books ever. I read the entire thing on a flight from France to Vancouver {via Heathrow, of course}. I think it might be time for a re-read actually!

  14. i seriously admire the amount of books you read. i just started making time for reading. i'm so behind in books though and just finished the girl with the dragon tattoo and water for elephants!