Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Birthday Month & Iced Tea success!!

In case you didn’t know, August is my Birthday month. Next week I will turn the grand old age of 39.

I haven't any planes for my actual Birthday at the moment, but the month is filled with nice things to do, catching up with friends, weekends away in my home on wheels…


I may have a little vintage Birthday party here on my blog so be sure to stop by next week and join in the fun Smile

I’ve been looking at nice things I might like the bday bunny to bring me…would you like to see them? You know….just to give you ideas….


This lovely pendant. Love.


Stationary like this


This sketch. Oh how i love this!!

So now you have no excuse, there will be no need to come along to the party empty handed Smile

Just have to tell you about the iced tea success.

I used this recipe…

Pour 500ml boiling water over 4 teabags and 4 sprigs mint

In another jug, pour 500ml boiling water over 40z caster sugar and a juice of 1 lemon stir well

Leave these for 15mins

Take out the teabags and pour the mixtures together

Add another 2 pints cold water

Leave to cool, and serve over ice, with a slice lemon and some mint. Or any other fruit you fancy!!


I am a convert. And I have converted a friend and Mr D both of whom were very reluctant to taste. But my powers of persuasion were too much for them. And they loved it.

AND you can now buy some in the shop, its not all ice cream you know! ! See we do treat you. That's why I get to be manager. I'm full of it. Bright Idea's that is.

Oh and about the hen night. I’m not sure I can talk about it. I’m still in shock. Lets just say it’s amazing what you can do with an elastic band and some baby oil. In all my (nearly) 39 years….I’ve never known a night like it heh heh.



  1. Oh what a fun month you have ahead! a huge happy birthday in advance. 39 is not old at all! (Iwould say that at 40!)

    X x

  2. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! Celebrating with dear friends and family around such a joyous event! May your 29th year, I mean 39th ;) year be filled with much happiness and blessing!!

  3. This is really cool, you have a b-day month :). I have only a b-day week.
    And you say you are 39, I so believe you :). You look amazing.

  4. Happy Birthday for next week Claire ! I'll be on hols so will wish you a very happy day now :0) xx

    I've printed off the Iced Tea recipe and I'm taking it on holiday in anticipation that the weather will be hot and we'll need a refreshing drink !

    I can hazard a guess at the lacky band and oil ! hehehehe You just can't beat a naughty girly night out :0o ! xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Month!! :) 39 years young! Can't wait to hear about the celebrations!!

  6. Happy Birthday for next week I cant wait for the party.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday! how exciting. hope it's a memorable one!


  8. Birthdays and Iced Tea are two of the best things in life :) x

  9. Ohh it's your birthday month! I need to note that down. I will be sending you something soon them :) Hopefully. x

  10. Happy birthday month!!!!!!! I hope you have a month long of the best birthday celebrations of all time!

    Whoa, that iced tea recipe sounds great! We should sure use that here- it is sweltering outside! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. happy birthday coming up! hope you will have a lot of fun with friends and family!

  12. Aw, no. You made me curious now. Tell the story with the elastic band and the baby oil. Puuuhlease! :)

    It's your birthday soon? That's a bit exciting, not?

    Can't wait to see your blog party!


  13. i LOVED turning 4, there's some magic maturity of these years as a woman. :)

    i would love that stationary as well!

  14. I love iced tea! And happy almost birthday!! Your gift ideas are adorable!!

  15. Happy birthday in advance! I hope that at the age of 40, I still have the urge to live and love life like you! Mostly, the urge to ride my bike!! :)
    Have a wonderful birthday month!!!


  16. Nothing beats a perfect glass of iced tea on a summer day!

  17. Another fashionable Leo!;-)
    39 is old? I think not!
    One is never too old. Or old.