Thursday, 18 August 2011

Office Chic

Thank you for all my lovely Bday messages & mail. I love you all.

I’m on the verge. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks/months and now I actually have the paint.

It’s going to happen very soon. Painting the Spare room-cum-cum-Mr D’s dressing room-cum- office.

I started having a huge clear out last night, which included my wardrobe (yikes) and bathroom. Which is a good thing as now I realise that I will never have to buy any bath products till the year 2020.

We don’t have a TV upstairs, so if I’m poodling about I like to find something on i-player to watch. Last nights choice was ‘My Mother the Secret Hoarder’ Oh what a good idea that was. One look at the state she was in and the bag for the rubbish bin was getting full rather quickly!

So. Here is what I’ve been looking at to get me in the mood.


I’ve never really been a fan of white. All of my walls upstairs are ‘classic cream’ (yeah i know it’s just another way of saying Magnolia but i like it) But i like the look of this one.


Does anyone actually own a craft desk this tidy? Really? And if so, do they ever actually use it??


This one is probably more like me. On the verge of junk..but cosy with lots of ‘stuff’


Our office desk does actually sit in front of a window that looks out to the back gardens.  Doesn't look quite the same though…

So. What do you use your spare room for? Ours is a small two bed terrace so that's why our spare room has multi function.  How many spare rooms do you have? I would like more. But then I suppose I would just fill it with more stuff.


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  1. de-cluttering is an ongoing thing for me. i LOVE it. it feels so freeing.
    i still need more organisation in my studio... bookcases, drawers....
    i enjoy getting a room sorted out.

  2. Our spare room has a spare bed (that's very rarely used), a wardrobe full of coats and clothes (that are very rarely worn) and a desk with a computer (that's very regularly used!). Other than that it's where I hang out clothes on the airer to dry in the winter.
    Lovely pic's on you post!

  3. I wish I had a spare room lol!Darn kids taking over the house!

  4. Those "Hoarder" shows are CRAZY huh? But then I have some pack rat tendencies too! ha I like that description "on the verge of junk...but cozy with lots of 'stuff'" - that's me completely!! I have two spare rooms. One could actually pass as a guest room since there is a bed and a bookshelf. I actually keep lot of my clothes in this room and get ready there instead of my own bedroom because Philip and I have completely different schedules. My other spare room is my junk room. I could prob end up on hoarders for the state that room is in. This is the room I've been dreaming of decorating with a sea theme and have my seahorse collection displayed. I've been dreaming this forever now and it just hasn't happened. You may have just inspired me though :)

  5. p.s. SO happy you had the most wonderful birthday!! And that the celebrations were plenty :) xoxo

  6. Oh to have a dedicated home office space all your own...Jealous!p

  7. I love love this. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    I have two spare rooms but one is technically my office/creative space. I want to give it a little revamp too. With lots of inspiration :) x

  8. Our spare room is a "guest bedroom." Unfortunately we don't have a real bed for it yet so it's just an air mattress. Kind of depressing!

  9. My spare room is full of shoes!!! Luckily we only have one spare room otherwise it would be chaos! I have been sorting it ready for my nephew to stay so have been deciding what to do with all my shoes, keep, chuck, sell or put in the loft. Not decisions I like making.

    X x

  10. Office spaces are amazing, I think these are my favorite posts.

  11. i'm terrible at cleaning up and my husband often ends up being the one to clean everything up. our spare room is really our "library" which means it has all our books. it also has all my craft stuff (actually in boxes, surprisingly), a desk and uh...some bins of extra clothing i need to store. oh, and my 3yo calls it "Auntie's room" since it's also the room my sister stays in when she visits.

  12. More like office space inspiration!
    These offices are really gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing :D

    Come join my wonderful Shabby Apple giveaway :D

  13. beautiful blog)

  14. Love those inspiration photos! I wish my spare room looked like that! :/

    We have one spare room, it's a bedroom/creative space for me. And currently, it's super messy :/ I should probably do something about that!

    x Jasmine