Saturday, 20 August 2011

The one in which I turned 39 & celebrated with a Cream Tea, A very loud noise & a Hovercraft Ride!


So you remember it was my Birthday last week right?

Thought you may like to see some pics of our day. Mr D drove Kirstin & I to Bury St Edmunds for a fun day of charity shopping & Tea Shop visiting.


Of course there was much browsing in pretty little shops…Do you like my hair? (on the right) Kirstin made it pretty for me Smile


Here we are at Harriet Tea rooms.  Oh my lordy. How fab. Waitresses with little black & white pinny’s and hats.


I will definitely be going back here. Mr D was so impressed with the Earl Grey (he’s usually strictly a Twinning's man) that he bought himself some loose tea & a strainer, and has been trying to achieve the same perfection at home. From one of my one cup floral tea pots. But we won’t laugh. Not in front of him anyway..




Even Brunty came along for the ride Smile

After all that, we had more tea at mum’s (she got the Royal Albert out special), then Mr D cooked me a dinner of Fillet Steak.

The next day we went off on our travels. From our home for the Weekend at Rougham Air Show, we went back into Bury for a gig.


The Jim Jones Review. Note to self : Take Earplugs next time, or don’t let Mr D give all his spare ones away!)

During the weekend, we were parked right next to the man giving Hovercraft rides.


Well. It was my Birthday weekend. It would be rude not too.

There is a little video for your amusement…but I can’t seem to find it in the bowels of my computer. I will have a look and see for next time.

Happy weekend all!! Hope all is fun. I, myself am about to paint!!!!!



  1. Sounds like a awesome birhtday weekend and that hovercraft would have been amazing.

  2. looks like loads of fun Claire...I am thinking about going hot air ballooning for mine which is coming up soonish...
    would that be your study you are about to paint???

  3. Good luck with the painting. Glad you had a lovely birthday!

  4. Looks like you had an awesome birthday! A hovercraft?! Crazy! haha! And yes, your hair looks great. :)

  5. Looks like a fab birthday weekend - those tearooms sound lovely :)

    Are you going to Henham next month? I think we are - if so I will come & say Hi this year :)

  6. congratulations! it lokks like you had fun : )

  7. Happy Birthday! May you become happier and enjoy life more with each year!

  8. How fun! LOVE your hair. That style really suits you!

    x Jasmine

  9. Oh my gosh, how fun!!! Seriously, that looks like the most amazing birthday fun ever!

  10. This birthday looks amazing! The tea room :) What a wonderful birthday. Plus your hair looks adorable. Hope you had fun painting. x

  11. oh your hair looks so beautiful and looks like you had a lot of fun. i love cream tea!

    happy belated birthday

  12. I went to tea this weekend with my family...It was lovely! You look so pretty!

  13. Belated happy birthday wishes! Hope you have an even brighter year ahead!