Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Baseballs

You know we like a bit of Rock and Roll

Absolutely love these.

The Baseballs

Fabulous covers of modern/old songs, with a Rockabilly twist

Really, buy their cd. put it on in the car when your all dressed up and off to  a vintage tea room. You’ll arrive there in a flash.

Or, put it on your stereo at home, and have a little dance. Go on, no ones looking.


Really. Buy the cd. Dance. Wherever you are.

It’s a real autumn day here by the coast, I may even have to get my thicker cardigan out :0)





  1. well i did feel like dancing ! here is a lovely sunnt autumn day so maybe i `ll do it outside... thanks God i live in the middle of nowhere so nobody `s watching except from a moose or something ; )

  2. I'm always up for a good bit of dancing!

    X x

  3. Love the Baseballs ever since they started about two years ago. Very fun and very so my time! :)

    Happy Thursday.

  4. haha, my girls love to dance and i'm sure they would love it if i bought this CD and blasted it in our house :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I love them!

    I wonder if they're available here. I'm off to check out iTunes!

    x Jasmine