Saturday, 10 September 2011

Catching up

I’ve been abandoned for the weekend. He’s gone and left me for a field of Land Rovers.

I’ve just got back from my sleep in. I actually slept quite well, which is a good job as my bed is piled high with crap…aka stuff out of the spare room/office.

Yep. While he’s away, I’m getting to it with the decorating :)

This is good as I can throw things out without him telling me he needs to keep it. (even though it’ll be stuff he hasn’t used in 20 years)

I never did show any pictures of the bathroom. Well it’s not that exciting but here you go..


This may look like just a wooden heart to you, but you have no idea how happy my new makeshift light pull makes me. (it’s the little things) The old one was a little lighthouse made from metal & every time it swung back & forth it left a horrible silver-ish mark on the wall.


My new photo which is above the bath (no I didn’t take it, I bought it from a very nice man on Rougham Air Field.


This lantern is hanging next to the shower cubicle. The hook has been there for years with nothing on it as the lantern that used to hang there was too big & Mr D banged his head on it once too often.



I bought these two postcards from Paper chase & framed them. As i told Jasmine when I sent her a copy of the bottom one, It could be a portrait of ones self….no? (because birds follow me around and dance with me ala Cinderella)

In other news we went to a lovely wedding reception last weekend, Mr D & I spent the whole night (apart from when I broke free to dance to Footloose..) fiddling with the shutter speeds on my camera..





Ahhh it was lovely.

Now I have to go and decorate some more. If I’m really good, I will allow myself a trip into town this afternoon to spend money on frivolous items, go in all the girly shops, then tonight  you can think of me sat with a bottle of white, a bag of Cadburys Nibbles, whilst watching the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. (without Mr D moaning that ‘oh has this started again!)

That’s me sorted how about you? I’ll come by in my break form paint later and you can tell me alll about it.



  1. You've been a very busy girl, but it's good you can get some rest.
    I love the small paintings, so cute, the girl is really sweet.

  2. I've been abandoned too, but just for the day. I'm suppose to be cleaning and/or revising for an exam. Clearly, I'm doing neither!

  3. I love the beautiful decorations in your bathroom. I just adore the lantern! That photo is amazing of the fields and sky - exactly the kind of photo I'd like to look at while taking a bubble bath :) And the postcards are just lovely! I always enjoy getting a glimpse into people's spaces so thank you for sharing yours! :)

    Looks like ya'll had a great time at the wedding! The photos came out great - I especially love the one of you! So pretty :)

  4. oh i love the light pull! its so cute :-)

    sounds like the wedding was lovely x

  5. Those postcards are just beautiful and look lovely framed!

  6. i love that you've been decorating. we've been in our house for a year now and have no pictures up. kinda makes me sad. decorating makes a place feel so much more lived in :)

  7. Love those Belle and Boo framed post cards! Love the bathroom decorations!

    x Jasmine