Sunday, 4 September 2011


I did a post on Saturday & it’s been gobbled into the black hole of lost blog posts!! The odd thing is that I even got some emails that some people had commented on it… how come they can see it and I cant.

If anyone can shed any light on where the missing posts go then please do share. And. Is that also where the odd socks are? And the tea spoons?

Smilex how weird is it that I just thought i would look through some old posts...i sometimes do that...and look what I found....??

The only explanation I have is that this post was one in a draft folder I found the other day that I had forgotten about, so I finished it and posted it. My Blog seems to have a mind of its own and decided it sould go in on the date I started the draft.

Gee, these blogs really are taking over the world. I'm a bit freaked by it tbh.


  1. I have had that happen before! it came back eventually

  2. I think that that's where my doorkeys hide themselves too when I'm in a hurry! (It also happened to me once and turned up as a post to be edited but not published...??)

  3. blogworld is just a littlee crazy sometimes i think!! :)

  4. I saw that post in my reader and was going to comment but couldn't find it.

    But yay here it is. I don't usually pay attention to those stickers. I usually go by recommendations from blog friends or on goodreads with people that have the same taste as me :)

  5. Blogger has been really weird lately. I keep having posts that I scheduled and then all of a sudden they get changed to drafts. I don't get it.

  6. oh blogger is very weird sometimes! it baffles me! x

  7. My friend had this happen to her the other day too. She scheduled some posts and they ended up back posting a couple of days earlier than she wrote it. Weird!

    x Jasmine

  8. Yes, I saw the title on my reader but when I clicked on your blog, it was nowhere to be found! Now underneath this comment, I see there is no word verification, just a blank box?? Blogger is being a bit weird lately!