Saturday, 29 October 2011

Holiday Snaps #2 Our Little Place

Home from a wonderful two days in London! We had such a fantastic time, but the pics are on Mr D’s camera, which he has gone off with so I thought I’d show you some other pics!

Following on from My First Holiday Snaps Post,   here’s some pictures of the Cottage & village we stayed in.


Here is Chapel Stile. If you can see the church, our cottage was right next door.


You can just see the church on the left behind the cottages here, and the big hill behind was one we went over to find Grasmere. Where there was My New Favourite Tea Shop.


The lounge area. How cosy was that fire after a long day walking.


We always have a Open fire or wood burner in the cottage when we go away, it’s one of the Must Haves.


This is the dining area off the kitchen. I loved that window seat, I sat on it and watched the walkers setting off for the day, or stood in the street looking puzzled over their maps!


That sign says No Parking. Lilly Landy thinks she can park anywhere. We were asked (politely) by the vicar to move her on the Monday for a wedding that was taking place in the church. We saw no sign of the wedding. Do vicars tell little white lies??


The view from the kitchen out to the front garden and the nice little bench, which didn't get much sitting on due to wetness!


As the cottage is on a hill there were some steps leading up to a nice little sitting out area, and what a lovely view we had from there!

Mr D and I have been together for 22 yrs and we have only ever been abroad together once, when we went to NYC for our 10th wedding anniversary. With places like Chapel Stile at our fingertips, can you blame us!?

Do you go abroad for your holidays or do you like to explore your own country?

I can’t wait for the next holiday!



  1. This looks so cozy and lovely : ) Ian and I usually vacation in Mexico and once in Hawaii, but now that we have a house and hope to have babies soonish we've had to rethink our vacation budget and plan to explore the Pacific NW of America (Oregon, Washington, and Canada) more! I can't wait!

  2. Claire, you have such a sweet life. Honestly the more I think about it the more I love that your blog is called My Little Life. It's so sweet and just FITS!

  3. What a beautiful view to have. Looks divine.

    Yes vicars do tell little fibs at times!

    X x

  4. Ahhh! Looks amazing.

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  5. wow, after seeing these pics i totally want to go abroad for the holidays! what incredible views!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful cottage and village! I don't blame you at all for staying in England for a vacation! If I lived there, I don't know that I would ever leave!

  7. New follower..Follow each other?..

  8. I would to be where you are and see what you see!


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  9. This place looks amazing and so cosy. I would love to have a holiday there. I like to do both. Go overseas and explore my own country. I guess it all depends on how long the holiday is for. x

  10. What a beautiful place, I love it. I would love to be there for at least three days, away from everyone and everything.

  11. Uh-mazing! I wish we had little towns like that in Australia!!

    x Jasmine