Saturday, 8 October 2011

Honey I’m Home!!!

What a lovely week we’ve had. 5 of us and a wee doggie in a cute village in the Lakes.

It has to be said the British weather was pretty crap. In the 15 years that we’ve been staying in the Lakes, this was the worst the weather has been for us. Hailstones. Gale force winds.

But, being British, we put a brave face on. (as well as waterproof leggings, neck warmers and new walking boots) and off we trudged to see the views.


I haven't sorted out my photo’s, so I got some from Google images just so you get the picture (see what I did there) The pic above is the village, our cottage is next door to the church.


We saw a lot of these wee pals on our wanders.. the sky was not always  this blue. I stayed in on the worst day while the others climbed a hill in a hail storm. Well someone has to get the fire going eh?

So home it is, the weather down South is definitely cooler than when we left, I have a lot of catching up to do, and getting ready for forthcoming projects which I will tell you all about soon. And Thank  yous to make, I’ve had some pretty fabulous mail lately.

I’m on a mission to be more organised. Just so I can fit it all in. Now. Where’s my note pad? And my glass of wine? mmmmmmmm.



  1. thanks girl, I like of think of it as 'trimming the fat' haha. I still have my loyal commenters :)

  2. You stayed in that little village?! i am incredibly jealous...

  3. Awwww, looks gorgeous! So crazy that y'all had such bad weather, but y'all definitely sound like troopers!!

  4. The village looks so beautiful and it sounds like you made the most of it even with the crap weather.

  5. That village looks adorable! I'm jealous! I bet you got some amazing shots!

    x Jasmine

  6. Welcome back Claire. Your pics are gorgeous!

  7. It looks lovely. It would have been a beautiful place to stay. It's a shame about the weather (We Aussies or more likely Brisbanites are crippled by heavy rain haha).

    Yay! Glad the notecards made it to you :)

  8. What beautiful pictures! Welcome back x

  9. Welcome back sweet girl!! Sounds like fun aside from the weather! Can't wait to see your pictures and to catch up!!!! xoxo