Sunday, 23 October 2011

Remember When..

You were younger & if you got ill you could stay in bed all day. No responsibilities, no-one expected you to drag your poorly ass out of bed and go and run around after anyone else.

You didn’t have a job to go to, or if you did, well your mum could just ring them up and tell them you were too ill to turn up that day and it wouldn’t matter if you missed some days of work because the money you earned was just pocket money really, and not counted on to pay the bills that month and the responsibilities  you had at work really weren’t that great, so they could certainly do without you.


Someone else would sort it all out while you could just concentrate on snuggling under your duvet in your germ infested bed and get better, and a glass of Lucazade would appear at regular intervals on your bedside table from ‘The Get Well Fairy’.

Your friends didn’t stay away as if you had a red cross on the door, they didn't have responsibilities either, so they really didn't  think about what would happen if they ‘got the bug’ too.

If only we knew then what we know now. We wouldn't be wishing we were all grown up so much.

I’m feeling better today, but yesterday was pretty crap I can tell you. 



  1. :( Growing up does suck!!!! :( I don't want to grow up anymore! Ha! If only!

    Happy to hear that your feeling much better sweet girl! Keep on kicking the sickness in it's butt :)


  2. Aww hun glad you are feeling better though! :-) Yes those were the days . . . .

  3. Oh honey!!! Feel better!
    Growing up sucks, I keep on telling everybody that :).

  4. I was just havin a whinge today about the crapness of being ill when you've got little kids...everytime I dared to just sit or slouch about I was bodyslammed or climbed on and having to deal with all their endless array of needs...boooo I miss being ill and watching daytime tv and drinking lucazade under a duvet! glad your'e on the mend! x

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better hun. Sending hugs.

    X x

  6. I hate growing up and I know exactly what your talking about. I hope you feel well soon lovely x

  7. I think this is why I have always loved the story of Peter Pan! So many times I've longed for those carefree days! And I don't even have the responsiblity that children add on so I can't even imagine how much more parents might feel this way. I feel so much nostalgia when I see groups of kids playing in the neighborhood etc. If only we could relive one day of that again! :) I am glad you're feeling better! I can't wait for you to feel 100%!

  8. Growing up sucks when it comes to getting sick. I always have to tough it out. I would much rather stay home and watch cartoons all day.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Now I know what they meant when they said that you have no cares when you're young... whoever "they" are, they were right!

  10. Aww I totally understand. I hate growing up and having responsibilities!

    I'm sorry to hear that you're sick Claire! I'm such a bad friend!!! I need to get back onto our regular email schedule!

    Meanwhile, I hope you get lots and lots of rest and drink lots of tea!

    Love you! feel better!

  11. I'm glad your feeling better now x

  12. Sorry to hear you are poorly - hope you make a full recovery very soon!
    I live in fear of getting ill enough to have to stay in bed - I just wouldn't have time!

  13. aw sorry you're not feeling well. when we're older we have more responsibilities that we can't shirk when we're ill. it kinda sucks! glad you loved the video though, it's hilarious isn't it??! and wow i can't believe your husband has done sound for him in the past.

    hope you feel better soon x

  14. I hear you!!! So true,
    Thanks for commenting my blog!
    xo Annie

  15. I'm glad you are feeling better.
    Oh, I wish to stay home all day sometime soon.


  16. glad you're feeling better. i hate being sick. i wish i could lie around and relax when i'm ill but my girls are all over me! it's exhausting!!!

  17. Sometimes I really do miss being a kiddo... lol

  18. Ahhhhhh the good old days...

  19. I'm sorry you were sick :(

    I know what you mean though, it's the worst when you're home alone and feeling absolutely rotten with no one to care for you buy yourself!

    x Jasmine