Monday, 17 October 2011

Sat night out :)

Saturday night (actually about 2pm as Mr D has all the setting up to do…) we set off to Norfolk to a village hall where the boys were playing to raise funds for a bowls club. :)

I took my big girls camera to play with

099 (2)

048 (2)

If you ever take pictures of bands you will feel my pain. The boys have the annoying habit of jumping around a lot, so that gives the age old problem. Slow shutter speed for low light….versus fast shutter speed for hyperactive band members.

It can however give some interesting effects…

074 (2)

The case of the ghostly guitarist…

084 (2)

Or the case of the ghostly guitarist & front man!

092 (2)

Does anyone have any secrets for taking pictures of moving things…(people!) in low light…bearing in mind I hate flash!!

(yeah i know i can be an awkward little thing when i want…)

173 (2)

It was a good night….even though I was Kerrrrrrnackered when we got home at about 1.30 am and I had to be up at 6.30 on Sun morning to get to the Vintage Market where I had a stall..(yes it was worth it!)

023 (2)

I just thought I would include a pic of the drummer, as he always (mostly) has a symbol in front of his face when I take photos….

Then of course, I decided that I was worthy of a backstage pass…

127 (2)

I mean really, don;t they know who I am!!!?

So that’s my excuse for being ready for my bed right about now…



  1. Looks so much fun, I need a night out so bad.

  2. Great pictures, looks like you had a good time. I wish I could give you some advice but I'm pants at photos.

    X x

  3. If someone tells you the secret of band photography, let me know!

    x Jasmine

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! Great pics xxx

  5. Out till 1:30am! You wild one you! Next time maybe you could yell FREEZE and then snap a photo of the band 'in action'... just a thought :)

  6. Your photos turned out quite good. I like:) My boyfriend is the one that takes photos of the bands, all i know is that we often use high ISO's for bands such as these, but some times the light is so low that everything is insanely grainy. It can be a little hit and miss, regarding which photos turn out well. Do you use film or digital?

  7. what a tiringly fun night.

    i would play with the iso if you don't want flash. although flash for bands is one time it can work. you're going to have compromises whatever you choose.
    you did well unways!

  8. looks like a FABULOUS night out. live music is just so hard to beat:)