Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mail Love

So, I took part in a Keep Warm Look Snazzy Scarf  swap organised by the wonderful Krysten at Why Girls are Weird.

I was paired up with the lovely Mrs Pancakes at Adventures of Team Pancakes.

My parcel came, which excited me as you know how I love mail..


The scarf is lovely and Autumnal.. and the label said Scotland! Which made me smile..what also made me smile were the lovely soft fluffy socks which were included in the parcel…


The cute wooden sign, and the book of cookie recipes!


I also need to show you the fab mail I’ve received through being part in The Happy Mail Project. If you don’t know about this, then you should go and see Gracie as she is the wonderful organiser of the group.


One of the projects was to make an ‘about me’ booklet and send it to your partner. I was paired with Karina and i received the most wonderful note book stuffed full of ‘about me’


She included pictures of her family, little bits and pieces like chewing gum, (still wrapped I hasten to type lol) (did I just type lol on here? I think one doth text too much…)


My favourite thing was a CD of music she made up for me..I’ve been listening to it, while doing the housework.


Thank you Karina I love it all Smile

The latest Happy Mail project consists of posting a total of 4 postcards to you partner, we are just in the middle of it, and I have a new fab partner so I will post pics of all the cards when we come to the end.

If you love mail like I do, get your ass over to Gracie.

Or..if you fancy a Christmas ornament Swap, Micaela as she is organising..


I cant wait for that one, I am such.a.child. when it comes to Christmas.

I’m off on a Murder Mystery Weekend in the morning, my dear mummy paid for me and my sis to go, and another friend is coming too.  Two nights in a hotel with a bit of murder mystery thrown in. I’m intrigued as I really don’t know what to expect!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend…



  1. oh so looks so good! i am glad youe njoyed it Claire! Have a fun Autumn!

  2. This is such a cool idea. I didn't know that something like this existed, but it is a nice way to meet other bloggers and make new friends.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. This is so fun! I've never participated in something like this but it sounds cute : ) And, I also love that you say "parcel". It's very British of you : )

  4. what an awesome idea, everyone loves getting post!

  5. oh wow, what wonderful things and how delightful to receive them in the mail.
    how great to listen to a cd made for you as you pottered about too.

  6. That looks so cool, amazing idea.
    I hope you will have a sunny weekend.

  7. Awww...It is lovely to feel a part of someone else's life. I love the "about me" project.
    Once, I took part in a CD swap. The girl I got paired up with sent me the most heart warming songs and described how she was feeling, and what the songs meant to her. It was simply lovely!
    How is the weather treating you? Stay warm!! :)


  8. You certainly have a knack for finding interesting swaps to join!

  9. What lovely parcels! Great booklet idea too.

    Enjoy your weekend, sounds fab.

    X x

  10. I'm so glad you are having fun with the Happy Mail group :) You are a great swapper too.

    I too am joining the ornament swap. I've done it for the last two Christmases and it's awesome fun. x

  11. How good is The Happy Mail Project? I love being a part of it!

    x Jasmine

  12. fun packages are the best! and it looks like yours came with plenty of sweet things.

  13. I'm doing the postcard one at the moment {with Karina! it's a small blogging world!} and I'm very excited about the Christmas ornament swap... now in its third year. Hurrah for happy mail!

  14. I'm so happy you liked the About me book I sent you! I loved yours and can not wait until we get to walk through Central park and share a cupcake together :)
    Happy mail is always good for the soul :)