Saturday, 12 November 2011

Twinings Love

Adverts. Just when you’re getting into your favourite TV programme the blinking adverts come on so we moan, get uup and go to the loo..check Facebook, blog, or…if you’re lucky enough o have Sky Plus, you just forward them….

But, then, sometimes, once in a blue moon, some bright spark comes up with an advert that makes you want to sit and watch it.

Someone definitely needs a pay rise.

Mr D and I Googled the song, Which is by The Calling. The CD is on it’s way to our letter box as i type

Have you got a favourite advert?



  1. This is perhaps the loveliest advert I have seen in a while.. To make it better, I am currently drinking Twining's Irish breakfast tea!! :)The advert shows exactly how I feel after a good cup of tea. Someone truly needs a raise!!!!


  2. That's lovely. I think I'll watch it again!

  3. That is a lovely, lovely ad. One of my favourite ads are the Moccona coffee ads. They are just gorgeous. I actually used a song in one of their ads to walk down the aisle to in my wedding :)

  4. brilliant!

    such beautiful song!
    thans so much for sharing:)
    i love your blog.

    happy weekend!

  5. yes, this is totally the best advert on tv right now!

  6. There are some really great adverts out there. This is a great one!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I've never seen a commercial like that! It was more like a music video : ) I like this commercial:

  8. i never usually watch ads because we have a DVR and always fast forward. i do stop on some shopping ones sometimes or a movie if i haven't seen it yet!

  9. That's an awesome ad! I love it!

    One of my favourites is this one:

    There's another one I like, but I can't find it online!

    x Jasmine

    PS. I love The Calling!