Thursday, 17 November 2011


You may or may not know this, but I was brought up a good Catholic girl.  I attended Catholic schools, where ever we lived (dad was in the Army) and I took my Holy Communion and made my Confession.

At high school age, we (sis & i) had moved to a new town where the nearest Catholic School was about 10 miles away, so we attended the local high school. I suddenly didn’t have to go to confession every week. Wow. Did that mean I could be bad?

I fell off the wagon and fell in love with Mr D.

Mr D is not religious in any way, & I can take it or leave it.

We had a civil ceremony for our wedding, in a hotel..not a church.

But. We both love Church buildings.


These photos are of St Mary’s Church, near Chester. I went to Chester a couple of weeks ago with my mum, sister and a friend for a girlie trip.


Mr D loves buildings in general, and Church’s are always so beautiful.


It’s always nice to find a church open, to go in and look around, as some are closed up now due to vandals and thieves. (spit…go-and-get-a-job)




The other thing we like is walking around the graveyard and reading the Grave stones, all the history of the village is there.


The light is always nice too.

Do you visit the church when you find yourself in a new town?



  1. Beautiful! I love looking at old churches as well. Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

  2. I am fascinated by churches, every time I visit a new place I have to visit at least 5 churches :).

  3. I drive all of my family mad as I love them. I love the atmosphere and the architecture too.

    Beautiful photos hun.

    X x

  4. I love churches as well, there is something so hauntingly serene about them.

  5. I've never thought to visit one since I work in one AND attend : ) But our church has two locations and one of them is in this really old (older than the state of Oregon) building in downtown Portland and it is amazing! Stained glass windows, red carpet, and intricate chandeliers. So much history!

  6. What a gorgeous church! I love looking at churches, too!

  7. How beautiful, I remeber as a teenager my friends and I used to go to churches and just sit in them amazed by their beauty.

  8. I do love the atomsphere despite being totally non-religious.

    Have you ever been to Kings College Chapel - that place is amazing.

    Ex-forces child here too - RAF till I was 9 years old :)

  9. oh man, i'm always visiting churches when we travel around here...well, cathedrals and such. i'm kind of tired of them but they ARE pretty magnificent!!

  10. When I went to Europe two different towns, old churches were always on the visit list. They are so beautiful! Unfortunately here San Diego, their aren't too many old churches like that.

  11. Europe has so many beautiful churches!!

  12. I love beautiful churches. They always look so amazing. The stain glassed windows look stunning when the sun shines through. :)

  13. we're also not religious. we always visit ruins and churches on our trips. often interesting histories (in UK they're so tied to the village/town) and such amazing architecture, which, incidentally, i know see with even more depth after reading 'pillars of the earth'.

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    oveilai today... sigh

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  14. Thanks for commenting on my guest post on unique jewelry over at A Village Town! :) I loveee old churches too! They are beautiful!

    Belly B :)

  15. I don't believe in going o a building to show my faith but I do love exploring churches. They're beautiful.

  16. Honestly, even though I am a devout Catholic, I don't visit churches. I know. I suck. I wish I did because you can learn a lot about the area, the people, and the culture by a simple trip to a church.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. Churches are peaceful and full of atmosphere. Lovely places to stop and reflect.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend xo

  18. i'm catholic :-)
    I love church buildings too x

  19. I love beautiful old churches!! We love our church and we love going to have time to fellowship and worship the Lord!!

  20. churches are always gorgeous, especially the catholic ones! i do like to visit them, especially for their gorgeous stain glass, statues and architecture!

  21. What a beautiful church! They are so much fun to visit!!

  22. I love churches! I also love cemetery's. I love the history.

    That last photo is fantastic!

    x Jasmine

  23. I love to look at churches ! Lovely post :)