Friday, 16 December 2011

Rainy Rainy Rattle Stones



Well the rain seems to have settled in for the day. After working at my sleep over last night, and another one tonight, I’m just up for a day in by the fire, looking at my new colourful fairy lights, wrapping more presents and eating mince pies.

I must show you the gift wrapping goodies I received through Gracie and Jasmine's swap.

009 (5)

Loved. Loved these tags that my swap partner Natasha made.

007 (6)

There were also these super cute cookie cutters that made me laugh

010 - Copy

And look, I’ve even used the wrapping!


These parcels have been sent off to some of my lovely blog friends.

At this point I will share that on seeing all my parcels ready for the trip to the post office, Mr D made the comment…’You know they will just be returned to sender’ he always says that my bloggy friends aren’t ‘real’ like they are a figment of my imagination. I think he’s joking. Mostly.

So. Time for tea, and to throw another log on. NO expense spared here.

Hope you’re all warm & cosy.



  1. Such a cute post, I feel a bit more like Christmas.

  2. Ah Claire, you give me such Christmas spirit!

  3. Bless him. Such lovely gifts to receive.

    X x

  4. Ahhhh, those cookie cutters are too funny!! Haha! I love them!

  5. you received some great things! I want to hand make my gift tags next year for sure. this year i printed out funny pictures of everyone to put on the gifts, haha :)

  6. What lovely little gifts!
    Poor Mr Gingerbread man :)
    Hope you're having a fabulous holiday season Claire!

  7. Cute post! I think those gifts will be much loved.

    Hahaha about the blog friends not being real. My brother has done the same thing to me.