Friday, 30 September 2011

There will now be a short interlude…



While I have a rest.

I hope you all are well, and i will be round for tea and cake when I have rested

Who knows, there may be a few adventures to tell you about.

Oh you know there will be.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Autumn Loves



Apparently Autumn is upon us.

I know this because I just got my 2 magazine subscriptions through my door and they are November issues. November. In September.

I know this because all the other ice cream places along the prom are shut. There are no more donkey rides. I’m not sure if I’m sad about this. Where do the donkeys go? Do they have a nice winter holiday? Are they lonely for all the little children?

I also know this because the nights are drawing in, and Mr D has been madly stocking up the woodshed in anticipation for the cosy evenings by the fire.


(My fire. I know. Be jealous.)

Oh, and we just had casserole for tea.

However…somebody up there does not know this about Autumn. My bedroom window is open. Wide open.

I wore tights out on Sat night. In as least gross way as I can explain. I was hot. (read, wet).


image (i did not look this cool)

We are still selling ice cream, & I even made Sorbets on Sat.

I can get two loads of washing out on the line. And they dry on the same day.

Mr D and I had a cup of tea in the garden this evening.

Oh Autumn, how I look forward to you visiting.

My Hunters are itching to be worn again.


image..  (i like to think I look this cool in mine)

Then there’s the cosy cuddly stuff.


Just so we are clear. I won’t be buying this from Anthropologie. As much as I love it, I could buy enough mulled wine to last till Jan with the money that this costs.  And I can drink some mulled wine.

Has Autumn visited you yet?


Friday, 23 September 2011

Incubus. Book Review No. 23

This is what I read a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been itching to do the review so that I can pass it on…

I didn't realise until I’d read it but this is the first novel in The Fairwick Chronicles, a new urban fantasy series by author Carole Goodman. An Author I have never read before, but would again.


'This is where all stories start, on the edge of a dark wood...'

Ever since moving to Fairwick to take up a teaching post at the local college, Callie has been having vivid, erotic dreams about a man made out of moonlight and shadows. Dreams she begins to fear as well as anticipate...

She learns that her home – a Victorian cottage at the edge of a wood she bought on a whim – is supposedly haunted. And then her new – and rather strange – colleagues tell her a local legend about an incubus demon with a human past who was enchanted by a fairy queen...

First five sentences… ‘So, Professor McFay, can you tell us how you first became interested in the sex lives of demon lovers?’

The question was a bit jarring, coming as it did from a silver-chignoned matron in pearls and a pink tweed Chanel suit.  But i’d gotten used to questions like these.  Since i’d written the best selling book Sex Lives of the Demon Lovers (the title adapted from my thesis, The Demon Lover in Gothic Literature: Vampires, Beasts and Incubi.  I’d been on a round of readings, lectures and now, job interviews, that focused on the sex in the title.

Where I got my hands on it..  I bought this in WHS. It was one of those moments when the cover totally grabbed me and i just had to have it. Cos sometimes that happens to me. (Mr D would argue that this happens a lot.)

The cover.. As I said, this cover was the thing that sold the book to me, I will not admit to reading the first 5 sentences in the shop and thinking I would love to read a book about erotic demon lover dreams.

The cover is really fitting to the story, and the tag line ‘This is where all stories start, on the edge of a dark wood’….got me intrigued.

Made me want to… This book made me think about subjects at my high school. Why couldn’t I have had the chance to take a class entitled ‘Vampires and the Gothic Imagination’ Which is the subject that Callie teaches in the book (no wonder she has dreams of Demon Lovers teaching that all day, you will be forgiven for thinking)

Who’s the lucky duck that’s getting it next?..  I’m giving this to a friend I book swap a lot with, I think her other half will like it too!

I loved this book. It was different to anything I had read before. It was set in New York State (always a winner)

The town, Fairwick is soon revealed to be on the edge of the borderlands between Fairy and the modern, human world. The last doorway to Fairy is hidden in the woods.  Callie seems to be able to open the door to Fairy, and she soon has to decide which staff members at the school are Witches, Fairies, or Vampires.

She also has to figure out who to trust.

I would highly recommend this book, and can’t wait for the next in the series to come out!

The weekend is here! The sun is shining!

Hope you all are having a fabulous time


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fun (& Danger!) at The Fair

Thankyou for our Annniversary wishes, we had a lovely meal out with some friends in an oldy worldy pub.

Wow, it’s a week since I last posted. I haven't been sitting around eating Bon Bon's though, no. I have been a busy girlie.

Then again, depends on your definition of busy.

I’ve been busy ordering and swapping my stash of Autumn Reading Matter. Because I’m like the Squirrel of readers. I need to have a little stash ready for when the cold nights come and I can cosy up by the fire. Can’t actually wait for that.


That’s what the pile that came through the post looks like.

Then their was the Steam Fair at the weekend. And I just know you want to see the danger.

Welcome to The Wall of Death.


Where for the bargain price of £2 you can watch men & women riding motorcycles up and around what can only be described as a big wooden tube.


The pictures aren’t great, they were going too fast (feelsickmuch?) even for my sport and drive mode…but you get the gist.



Hmmm. Not really my idea of a Sunday Afternoon bike ride.


We watch the Wall of Death every time it’s at a fair. They really should be supported dontcha think? I often think to myself, how do you learn something like this? ‘ok so off you go, just ride vertically up that wooden structure that we only just put together half an hour ago, and then go around as fast as you can. Try not to fall off or throw up’

Other fun rides were there like this caravan on a spit construction.

I did not partake, even though we were told you don’t actually go all the way around, you sit in the middle and the caravan rotates around you.



I knew my brain would not be sophisticated enough to know this, so I let Mr D go in and do the reckie. I was right. I would have hated it.

Amazing, when you think about it. Some of us spend our spare time Blogging. Whilst others are thinking of 101 ways to save the caravan from the scrapper.

Now I have some serious visiting to do. What are you waiting for? Get the kettle on.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Wedding Anniversary 14th Sept

(these pictures are photos of photos due to lack of digital-ness way back when!)

A long long time ago, (well 12 years to be exact) ..before the time when digital photography was of the everyday..  a 27yr old Princess (in her mind anyway) married her 28 yr old Prince (again…her mind..)

They were married next to a pretty lake in The Lake District, with 25 of their closest friends & family in attendance.

They stayed in their favourite holiday place in the week before the wedding, with 10 friends and a springer named Fern.

old pics 003

Mr D, (Prince) spent the morning of his wedding playing on the hills in front of his holiday home


While the soon to become Mrs D spent the morning in a nearby village sipping champagne and gathering flowers from the hills for her wedding bouquet. (confession….it may have been her Grandmother who actually gathered the flowers after insisting that no Grand Daughter of hers was getting married bouquet-less).

old pics 013

Off the Prince trundled though the windy roads alongside the lake in his chariot.


The Princess had other means of transportation, by way of the Steamer, across the water.



A little ceremony took place in the library of the hotel by the lake (did we mention the Princess has a love for books?)


And then they were Mr & Mrs.


Photos, and food followed. A swim in the hotel pool..(of which alas there are no photos!




The newly married Prince & Princess took their chariot to the wild west cost of Scotland, & stayed at a lighthouse (did we mention the Prince has a love for lighthouses?) where they frolicked and played along the rugged coastline.


old pics 021

And, ladies and gentlemen, then they went home to their little house by the sea, to live Happily Ever After.

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary to my very own Mr D.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

St Paul’s NYC



How quickly time goes by. It doesn't seem like 10 years ago that I rang my Mother-in-Law after watching the news. Mr D has family in the US & his cousin works for United Airlines.

I remember breathing out on hearing she wasn’t on any flights that day.

2 years ago on our visit to NYC Mr D & our friends went to Ground Zero. We found St Pauls.


Built in 1766, St. Paul's is New York City's oldest continuously used public building.

Saint Paul's is directly across the street from the former World Trade Center site. Amazingly, the church did not sustain even a broken window when the seven enormous buildings collapsed on September 11, 2001. A huge sycamore tree which stood in the graveyard bore the brunt of the debris which rained down from the fallen buildings, protecting St Pauls.

For eight months after the World Trade Center disaster, hundreds of volunteers at Saint Paul's worked 12-hour shifts, 24 hours a day, tending to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the rescue, construction and security workers on the site. From around the world, thousands of well-wishers sent cards and banners to Saint Paul's to express their condolences to the families of the victims, their appreciation of the Ground Zero workers and their support for the people of New York City.

st pauls

The picture above is the only one we took at St Pauls that day, although we did take many more of the Ground Zero site.

Being inside the church amongst the many memorials to the fallen & the rescuers, taking photo’s just didn’t seem ok to me.

Take a moment and go Here to read more about the wonderful role played by St Paul’s in the months that followed Sept 11th.


For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Catching up

I’ve been abandoned for the weekend. He’s gone and left me for a field of Land Rovers.

I’ve just got back from my sleep in. I actually slept quite well, which is a good job as my bed is piled high with crap…aka stuff out of the spare room/office.

Yep. While he’s away, I’m getting to it with the decorating :)

This is good as I can throw things out without him telling me he needs to keep it. (even though it’ll be stuff he hasn’t used in 20 years)

I never did show any pictures of the bathroom. Well it’s not that exciting but here you go..


This may look like just a wooden heart to you, but you have no idea how happy my new makeshift light pull makes me. (it’s the little things) The old one was a little lighthouse made from metal & every time it swung back & forth it left a horrible silver-ish mark on the wall.


My new photo which is above the bath (no I didn’t take it, I bought it from a very nice man on Rougham Air Field.


This lantern is hanging next to the shower cubicle. The hook has been there for years with nothing on it as the lantern that used to hang there was too big & Mr D banged his head on it once too often.



I bought these two postcards from Paper chase & framed them. As i told Jasmine when I sent her a copy of the bottom one, It could be a portrait of ones self….no? (because birds follow me around and dance with me ala Cinderella)

In other news we went to a lovely wedding reception last weekend, Mr D & I spent the whole night (apart from when I broke free to dance to Footloose..) fiddling with the shutter speeds on my camera..





Ahhh it was lovely.

Now I have to go and decorate some more. If I’m really good, I will allow myself a trip into town this afternoon to spend money on frivolous items, go in all the girly shops, then tonight  you can think of me sat with a bottle of white, a bag of Cadburys Nibbles, whilst watching the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. (without Mr D moaning that ‘oh has this started again!)

That’s me sorted how about you? I’ll come by in my break form paint later and you can tell me alll about it.


Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Baseballs

You know we like a bit of Rock and Roll

Absolutely love these.

The Baseballs

Fabulous covers of modern/old songs, with a Rockabilly twist

Really, buy their cd. put it on in the car when your all dressed up and off to  a vintage tea room. You’ll arrive there in a flash.

Or, put it on your stereo at home, and have a little dance. Go on, no ones looking.


Really. Buy the cd. Dance. Wherever you are.

It’s a real autumn day here by the coast, I may even have to get my thicker cardigan out :0)




Monday, 5 September 2011

Book Review No. 22!

It’s a book with a difference this time.


In an effort to determine why people buy, Paco Underhill and his detailed- orientated band of retail researchers have camped out in stores for over 20 years, dedicating their efforts to the "science of shopping." Armed with an array of video equipment, store maps, and customer profile sheets, Underhill and his consulting firm Envirosell have observed over 900 aspects of shopper/store interaction. They've discovered that men who take jeans into the fitting room are more likely to buy then females (65 percent to 25 percent). They've learned how the "butt-brush factor" (bumped from behind, shoppers become irritated and move elsewhere) makes women avoid narrow aisles. They've quantified the importance of shopping baskets, employees/shopper contact, the "transition zone" (the area just inside the store's entrance), and "circulation patterns" (how shoppers move throughout a store). And they've explored the relationship between a customer's amenability and profitability, learning how good stores capitalise on a shopper's unspoken inclinations and desires.

First five sentences… Okay, stroll,stroll,stroll, stop.  Shhhhhhh, stay behind the potted palm. Get out your clipboard and pen.  Our subject is the fortyish woman in the tan trench coat and blue skirt.  She’s in the bath section.

Where I got my hands on it.. Amazon. brand new. Well it was my birthday….

The cover.. Looks like a text book. Almost is. I’ve learnt so much!

Made me want to… Open my own shop and put all I’ve learnt into practice! Failing that….I could totally work for Paco and stalk/track people all day!!

Who’s the lucky duck that’s getting it next?.. No one is getting this, cos sometimes I can be a selfish bitch and I want to keep it.

I bought this book on a bit of a whim as I was just in the mood for something a bit different.

I’m so glad I did. It’s a must read for shoppers or retailers. It’s so informative it could be like a text book, but the way it is written is so readable and entertaining.

I found myself quoting bits to Mr D…..’oh that’s why they stack jumpers on a table when you’ve taken 6 steps into a Gap store!!’

As an avid people watcher myself, (Mr D quite often tells me off for staring at people) I find it fascinating that Paco Underhill has made a successful business out of tracking people.

Much of the things he writes about are common sense, but it’s a kind of common sense that you only become aware off when someone points out the obvious.

Read it. You’ll never go shopping in the same light again!

It’s been a bit fresher on the coast today, i found myself thinking about open fires this evening. Luckily while I was in Yorkshire Mr D stocked up the woodshed. Oh Happy Autumn Days ahead!!


Sunday, 4 September 2011


I did a post on Saturday & it’s been gobbled into the black hole of lost blog posts!! The odd thing is that I even got some emails that some people had commented on it… how come they can see it and I cant.

If anyone can shed any light on where the missing posts go then please do share. And. Is that also where the odd socks are? And the tea spoons?

Smilex how weird is it that I just thought i would look through some old posts...i sometimes do that...and look what I found....??

The only explanation I have is that this post was one in a draft folder I found the other day that I had forgotten about, so I finished it and posted it. My Blog seems to have a mind of its own and decided it sould go in on the date I started the draft.

Gee, these blogs really are taking over the world. I'm a bit freaked by it tbh.