Monday, 2 January 2012

Book Reviews of 2011

At the beginning of 2011 I decided that I would review all the books I read. I always thought I read a lot. Always have since I was little, and I was curious to know just how much.

Well here you have it. I read 29! books this year. And reviewed them all.

This is a huge achievement for me, I’m so glad I did as now I have a record. When you read a lot of books, they can sometimes blur into one another. Especially the ‘easy reading’ or ‘chic flick’ ones. These days, some bright spark has decided it would be a good idea to re publish books with new modern covers. I’m made the mistake once this year of buying a book then realising a couple of chapters in that I’ve read it and they’ve changed the cover. Annoying.

Remember the first book of 2011?


If you are interested, I am planning on trying to make a page for all my reviews to sit on, just to keep it all neat and tidy.

My favourite books of 2011?


I loved this book. I heard about it through blog land and had to search for it, but eventually tracked it down. It’s so informative and I could relate it to my day job, my dream job, and my experiences as a consumer. It really is a book everyone should read you will never think of shopping in the same light again!


This book was a favourite due to it being so different to anything I had read before. In a world saturated with teenage vampires this book enters the world beyond ours in a much more adult way.


This book is actually the one that took me the longest to finish, it took me months to read, and I read lots of others in between finishing this. Yet it was one of my absolute favourites. The reason I took so long was that it is such a big heavy hardback, so was not very portable, I usually like to have a book with me at all times but this one had to stay at home, meaning I read a few other books in between the pages of this.

Then there was this book.

Katie Piper

Just that. Read it.

Santa was good to me in the book department, and I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me between the pages this year.



  1. You inspire me! I read loads of books this year, probably 50, but I hardly reviewed any of them. I shall try to do that more often in 2012.

    Happy New Year, Claire! Here's hoping your "little life" is marvellous this year :)

  2. You've done brilliantly to keep up with reviews on all you've read - I'm sure I would never manage it.
    A page of reviews is a great idea.

  3. Hi Claire! You've got some great books here. I only read 66 last year. I hope to do much better this year. It's always great to come across bloggers who read and do reviews. Makes deciding on books a little easier.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Happy reading and happy new year :)

  4. Wow...29 are my hero Claire...I hope to do more reading this year!

  5. I should start reveiwing books. It will be an incentive to read more. Great job.

  6. thanks girl! Santa was good to me this year : )

    What tattoo did you want? I'm really glad I didn't get one either, but sometimes I see people with them in really tasteful places/ of awesome things and I start to doubt my choice haha

  7. I love your reviews and really look forward to them. I also should thank you for getting me onto The Hunger Games, cause I loved that series.

  8. Hi thanks for dropping in. I need to pick a book to start january 2012 with. Its so nice when you get a good book that you cannot put down. Its escapism to!
    Love your blog, will go & have more of a read x x

  9. I want to read that Incubus book. And I am forever grateful that you sent me Katie Piper's book, it's such a sad but inspirational story.

  10. Happy New Year!!! I hope 2012 will be the best year ever for all of us. I hope this year will be creative, full of passion and hope.

  11. Gosh I need to pick up some new books. I've only been reading baby books as of late. Ha!

  12. Wow, you did amazing!! I definitely want to read more this year!!