Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Date Night


Tonight is the our first Date Night of 2012

We are going for a stroll along the prom to our little cinema. Where the sound will probably be ‘not the best’ and the nice ladies from the Bingo Hall next door will bring us cups of tea..or even burgers if that’s our pleasure.  Or maybe we will sneak in a wee bottle of wine & plastic tumblers to sip when the nice ladies aren’t looking. (I would of course deny that if ever questioned)

I’ve been wanting to see this film, but of course being at the end of civilisation it takes a while for films to get to us…

Who isn’t a teeny bit fascinated by the life and loves of Miss Monroe?

Has everyone seen this yet?

I’m looking forward to it, but first we have Pork & Apple Cider Casserole on this chilly January evening.

I haven't taken my Decorations down yet. I’m clinging onto the last strains of Christmas till the very last second.



  1. Oh my goodness I want to see that movie so badly! A few of my friends have seen it and they loved it! Sigh... our Christmas decorations were taken down last week :-( I miss Christmastime already!

  2. That is one I wanted to go and see but it was at our cinema in the run up to Christmas when life was just too busy :( Hoping to get it on dvd or maybe it will come on tv soon.

    Enjoy your night out.

  3. I hope your date night was amazing.
    I want to see that movie so bad.

  4. I'm also still clinging to Christmas. And I haven't seen the movie yet, but am anxious to! :)

  5. It's on my list of movies to see at the moment and that list seems to be getting bigger and bigger and I dont seem to be crossing anything of the list at the moment.

  6. I want to see that movie too! And you're not the last to get it, it seems like it's taking a while for it to be shown in most theaters. I hope you enjoyed date night! They are always so much fun!

  7. Happy new year, dear.
    I haven't seen this yet, but I really want to see it!
    I hope your night was lovely!


  8. Oh man I've wanted to see for forever! There were no theaters out here that played it! But I finally found one thats like an hour away! Haha not sure if I'm going to make the trip but... how was it?!