Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fireplace Tour

Mr D brought to my attention how much the fire place features on my blog.

When we bought our little house…many moons ago… the original fire places were still in the lounge,  dining room & front bedroom.

There was a gas fire blocking the lounge chimney.  And 437  (well it felt that much when we tried to get it off) layers of paint on the fire places. Once we got to the bottom of the paint we were thrilled to see the detail.

Luckily for us, Mr D does have a love for all things wood.

orford & freds barn 302

Here he is collecting the bounty for another cosy winter.

I thought you might like to have a wee fire place tour.


This is the small fireplace in our bedroom. This one is very small is never used, not least because I am not to be trusted not to pile up the wood and go to sleep which would probably result in some kind of 999 incident.

005 - Copy

The living room fire place is the one which burns most of the wood, where we sit and have on occasion had to open the front door due to excessive heat….!


But then who would blame us it’s so lovely to watch.

Who needs a TV when you can get lost in the flames?


Lately the Dining room fire place has housed my little fairy lights amongst a little wood pile. The reason for this is the fireplace doesn’t draw all that well, which means the house gets a bit smoke smelly…but….we have now purchased a wood burning stove that will fit nicely into it….after Mr D makes the hole bigger and extracts the fire surround (insert sad face here). See that rather large saw on the wall? That belonged to Grandad Day.


Last summer I put fairy lights in the lounge fire place too, just so it looked cosy.

It must be time for Mr D to go and collect some more dontcha think? We wouldn’t want to run out now would we…

Truck full of wood

I would never ever live in a house without a fire place now. When I see people with no fire place I do often wonder what they look at at night? Where is the focal point? (ummm yeah I know it’s usually a flipping great flat screen…)

Do you have a fire place?


BTW The film was fabulous! Michelle was so good at playing Marilyn. Go see it!! Now!!


  1. The fireplace is one of the reasons we bought our house. It may only get used about 5 times a year if that, but I still love it ever so much. Lucky you having 3, im very jealous X

  2. i don't have a fire place in my apartment. it makes me so sad. sometimes I'll find the "fire place" channel on TV and watch that. sad but true :)

  3. Sadly no fireplace here. Although there was one it was removed by previous owners and I doubt we'll replace it. I do like a mantle for displaying treasures on. Oh well, maybe the next house...

  4. I would love a fireplace but it doesn't get cold enough in Brisbane to justify having one. I'm sure I would sit in front of it and watch the flames while reading and drinking a hot chocolate :)

  5. Oh you're so lucky and I love the fairy lights in the grate idea.
    I used to have fireplaces in my last house, but this house has one of those wall hung fires that looks a bit like a flatscreen tv. I want to rip it off the wall! However the previous owners left the receipts from when they bought it and the fire and fitting came to £1000 (more fool them).
    I want to replace it with something nicer, but have no chimney so will have to see what I can find.

  6. Now that I've been forced downstairs I don't have a fireplace anymore =-( Makes me sad.

  7. i love your fireplaces! they're always so warm and cozy, aren't they? i have one fireplace but it's totally hidden by toys. we really REALLY need to get rid of some of those toys!!!

  8. We used to have a fireplace at my old house when I was child, which was magical at Christmas time. But I do remember my mum having to clean out the ash in the morning, which she hated! ha, ha!
    PS Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!