Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ten years ago I was 30…

This year is the year I will turn 40. (Aug…so you have plenty of time to hunt for my perfect pressie…)

I was looking back at pictures from my 30th…

old pics 007

We had lunch on a boat. I’m wearing what was my favourite top in the whole world.

old pics 008

See those jeans I’m wearing? I still have them. I wore them at the weekend.

old pics 006

So. What to do for the 40th birthday?

I wouldn’t say no to this….

palm court the ritz

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz.

afternoon tea

Oh. Go on.

Unless anyone has any other ideas? I’m open to suggestions…

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.


Ps..if you want to see how to make the perfect cup of tea…Click Here….


  1. You're so pretty! Make it an amazing birthday! :)

  2. This weekend it was hubby's 40th birthday and we went to Burgh Island - thoroughly recommend it as a real treat!

  3. Hi Clare,
    It was some years since I was 40 we celebrated it by going to Edinburgh for a weekend break. It was the first time I had been to Scotland and it was wonderful.
    Thank you for finding me I love your blog we seem to have very similar interests! I also take Country Living and Coast magazines,and love living by the sea and VW camper vans and chocolate!

  4. A trip to Australia to visit me. I promise to spoil you rotten showing you my local hangouts.

  5. OOO afternoon tea? :) Now wouldn't that be great!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love this post! Up until this birthday I always hated getting older. But now I see it as a blessing, having so much to look forward to (or rather another year of memories since you never know when your time is up). I hope you find a very special way to celebrate your 40th!

  7. You could come visit meeeeeee! I would take you shopping at the Mall of America ;-)

  8. Oh afternoon tea looks incredible. On my hubbys 40th we went to Hong Kong (lucky him eh!) and I insisted we went for afternoon tea an the Peninsula hotel, it was amazing!

    What ever you choose to do I am sure it will be fab.

    X x

  9. Happy Birthday! I hope you are / will have an amazing time!!!!

  10. Wow. That quote is so true and impactful.

    Minted Magazine


  11. You still wear your jeans from ten years ago? Way to be lady...and happy bday month!

  12. Oh how exciting! Tea at the Ritz?! Fancy lady ;)

  13. What an exciting birthday to celebrate! I really like what you said, "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." I never thought of it that way. So many people complain about getting older, but we should really cherish our chance at a full life :)

  14. I hope I get an invite!!!! :D

    x Jasmine

  15. You still look the same :) I think Afternoon tea at the Ritz would be perfect. For my 40th I would go to overseas. Or take a trip just because I can.

  16. Yes!!!! I LOVE that quote! It is SO fitting, especially today that I am crying my eyes out with this book that I'm reading called "Notes left behind - 135 days left with Elena" - so inspiring yet so sad!

    You look the same!! Beautiful as always :)

    Yes! Plenty of time to go searching for your pressie!

    Have a great weekend my friend!


  17. Ohh! I'm 30 in May! I've been to The Ritz for Afternoon Tea and it was lovely. It was nice to have your tea poured for you by handsome waitors! My friend and I had cocktails at The Mayfair around the corner first and we went to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition! It was a great day and with your birthday being in August - perfect! You can see this years exhibition.. oh its wonderful xx