Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Snowy Days

Look what we got?  In the middle of the night, whist we were sleeping.  In the woods.  Yes in the woods.

I love the snow. We were so happy that we had landed in Narnia.

I have many pictures, some of which you will have seen if you are a friend on FB.


Lucky for us our home on wheels is nice and toasty warm, we sat around the camp fire and talked and listened to music.

I’ll come back tomorrow and show you the rest of the photos, they are very magical, but right now Mr D is cooking me Fillet Steak for tea. Because the nice tax man gave me a refund today. I am sorry for moaning about him. Well just a bit sorry, mostly he takes too much money, but then it’s nice to get a surprise every now and again, and to buy a special tea.

So it’s steak and home made chips, bottle of wine (more expensive than the 5.00 I would normally pay) and the second series of House for us tonight.

Happy Days.



  1. That photo is so beautiful!!! Enjoy your steak and chips X

  2. What a stunning image of the snow, I'm so gutted that we never got any in Cornwall, the kids were bought a beatutiful sledge for xmas! A camp fire and music sounds dreamy, enjoy your steak and wine..and hooray for tax rebates! :)

  3. Sounds heavenly my dear. And that photo looks truly magical too.

    Thank you for letting know what you do, I hope you didn't mind me asking.
    Can I just say how thoughtful and kind your are helping people as you. I am sure you will excel in your new career. (big hugs)

    X x

  4. I think you are quite mad to sleep in the woods in the snow! Glad you enjoyed it though:)

  5. You can keep the snow Claire! Ours is all melting and I am totally okay with that!

  6. That sounds like the perfect day! That picture of the snow is gorgeous!

  7. Oh my, that photo is perfect !