Thursday, 2 February 2012

Random pile of photos

If all the photos that are on my computer were real life paper ones I would be one of those people that cannot walk in a straight line from the lounge to the kitchen to make a cuppa. Or they can’t find the kettle anyway even if they pole vaulted their way in. Due to the mountains of newspapers/magazines/photo albums stacked at regular intervals around the place. Oh. I am one of those people. ooooooooooookkkkkkkk.

So it’s no wonder that sometimes I come across some photos whilst looking through the computer files and I think I should share them with my friends. You are my friends….right? (Insert voice over from Mr D about here saying that ‘they aren’t real friends you know’…) Good job we know best eh?


These were taken the day after Boxing Day. A traditional Fancy Dress off road day at a friends.  I didn't go to this but Niece and Mr D got dressed up and off they went in the jeep.


I think I will go to this next year. Hmm. What to go as?



This one was taken on Boxing day. We were trying to get a nice picture, and took this one….and…


This one! In exactly the same place just facing the other direction, amazing what a difference it makes to the light!


This was taken on the same night. But much later. Much much later. After the pub…


This was from our trip to London last year, I think it was off Mr D’s phone. Not that I go through his phone and steal photos…I would never look at his text messages and/or call list…now where is that copy of Fatal attraction I really identify with that movie…ahem…..


I’m pretty sure this was Christmas Day. Mr D is so happy in the kitchen I must let him take care of stuff in there more often…

There you go, I might share more random photos at a later date, now I have to go and get in the bath which I just very nearly flooded the house with whilst spending time with you, it literally was saved by the over flow. And I nearly burned the flesh off my arm putting my hand in to get the plug out. Hmmmm. Lets not tell Mr D that shall we? He may get all judgemental about my lack of attention.

It’s fweeeeeeezing here at the moment. Bath. Fire. Night in with Hubs. Movie. Wine. Oh, if you insist.



  1. It's cold here too and supposedly we're getting 6 more weeks of winter. So lame.

  2. I love your collection of random photos. Had to smile at you nearly flooding the house I as don't know where the time goes when writing and reading other blogs! Hope you had a nice evening with no more mishaps!
    Sarah x

  3. Yes do random photos again, an interesting mix. Unfortunately my water tank only holds enough to fill the bath about 3/4 full, but at least I don't have to worry about it overflowing I spose.

  4. Well thank you for sharing your random photos they all lovely. I'd like to think we were your friends!

    X x

  5. Hope you enjoyed your bath, wine, fire and Hubby. I got your letter yesterday,thanks for the mag I loved it.

  6. I love this post, the photos are amazing, I love it Claire.

  7. I'm sending you some warm air much as I love wearing T-shirts in January at some point I wished it was cooler! ;)

  8. lovely photos! it's freezing here as well... I'm all bundled up hoping spring would be here now lol

  9. I've burned dinner more than once while I was merrily blogging away, Claire, so don't feel bad about the bath!

    Hope you enjoyed that cozy night in...

  10. I love random pictures!! And seriously, how awesome that he loves to be in the kitchen!! I love a man who likes to cook!

  11. What does he mean we're not real friends?! Lies I tell you, all lies!!

    I definitely think you should share your photos more often aaaaaand you should make them bigger in your posts! :D

    x Jasmine