Monday, 20 February 2012

Skating fun



Aileen & big sis

Do you remember learning to roller skate?

My first skates were the metal variety….you know the ones that you wore your own shoes with, put your feet on them and strapped them could make them longer to fit your feet when they grew. No? Oh I’m the only oldie here then…

metal roller skates

Not unlike these ones…(picture from

Then, I grew up, and got me a pair of roller boots. Oh how I thought I was the bees knees.

roller boots


Yes. I wore legwarmers too. Well it was the eighties. I was that cool.


These days, it’s in-line skates. Roller blading if you will.


Big sisters area compulsory accessory.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Did you go roller skating?

Sunday was the first motorbike ride of  the year for me. It was cold. But fun.

I am on the third book of the Charlaine Harris Lily Baird be recommended, and not a werewolf/witch/vampire in sight! (yet)



  1. They are so cute together, such a sweet post, I miss the skating days :).

  2. Such cute sister pictures. :) I can. not. skate. But I can roller blade! It's so much easier.

  3. OOOh I so remember those first pair of skates they were awful and so hard to use. It's funny cause I have owned all 3 pair of skates and never actually was that good at skating.

  4. how cute! i used to be such a daredevil when i was a kid but recently tried on a pair of rollerblades and was completely terrified!

  5. I remember those metal skates although I never had a pair. I didn't learn to skate either...I was the unco one gripping on to the side of the rink while my friends whizzed past me! My daughters skate and my youngest is a figure skater (on ice). Obviously they didn't inherit my genes in this area. Thank God!
    Love your pics Claire x

  6. Just about to start reading the Charlaine Harris ones about the librarian, Aurora Teagarden, so good to know that she can write a good yarn other than those based on vampires. Although rather partial to a bit of Eric the Vampire! I have only ever tried to roller skate once in my life - that tells a story doesn't it?

  7. oh, to actually be able to roller blade again! I haven't slipped a pair of those on in years!

  8. In the early 90's (I was a little girl), I thought I was so cool for upgrading from skates to blades. HAHAHAHAHA! I actually got pretty good, but I've put them on since then to be funny and practically kill myself going down the driveway! SO SCARY!

  9. SO cute!!

    I grew up with rollerblades, and I still suck at them! Mr LG is really good because he grew up on skates/bmx. I wish I could skate better!

    x Jasmine

  10. I always rollerbladed... and I loved it till I had a really bad fall. I think I'd only do it in a rink now.

  11. i loved roller skating! i used to want all my bdays to be at the rink. when i first learned i remember putting a pillow in my pants on my butt so i wouldn't get hurt when i fell!