Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Ugly Sister Jane Fallon Book Review No. 3!

I got my wish for snow, on the weekend we decided to go camping, snow decided to fall. It was great, I have lots of photos for you of our winter wonderland, but if you cant wait I posted some over here.

Whilst I was keeping toasty warm by the fire, I read this..

ugly sister jane fallon

When it comes to genes life's a lottery . . .

As Abi would the first to know. She has spent her life in the shadow of her stunningly beautiful, glamorous older sister Cleo.

Headhunted as model when she was sixteen, Cleo has been all but lost to Abi for the last twenty years, with only a fleeting visit or brief email to connect them. So when Abi is invited to spend the summer in Cleo's large London home with her sister's perfect family, she can't bring herself to say no. Despite serious misgivings. Maybe Cleo is finally as keen as Abi to regain the closeness they shared in their youth?

But Abi is in for a shock. Soon she is left caring for her two young, bored and very spoilt nieces and handsome, unhappy brother-in-law - while Cleo plainly has other things on her mind. As Abi moves into her sister's life, a cuckoo in the nest, she wrestles with uncomfortable feelings.

Could having beauty, wealth and fame lead to more unhappiness than not having them? Who in the family really is the ugly sister?

First five sentences… Genetics is a strange science. It’s imprecise.  A jumble of random combinations that make a unique whole. It’s basically a lottery. So you can inherit the beautiful turned up nose of your mother, but the fact that it’s so big it takes up half your face from your paternal grandfather.

Where I got my hands on it..  This was in a pile given to me by a friend I do regular book swaps with

The cover.. It must be good as I chose to read this instead of any of the other 70 odd books in my to-be-read piles.

Made me..  Grateful for having such a close relationship with my own sister. I know not everyone gets along with their siblings, but that’s always been foreign to me, even when we were little and I was the pesky pain in the butt that copied her clothes and wanted to hang out with her and her friends, we always got along, so reading novels like this is always an eye opener.

Who’s the lucky duck that’s getting it next?.. This I haven't decided, I might put it in my Grannie’s book pile.

I liked this book a lot. I’ve read other Jane Fallon books, (Getting rid of Matthew, Foursome) and I loved This Life, which she produced. It’s easy to read, highly entertaining and actually believable. This is just right to cosy up by the fire with!

Hope you are all cosy warm, I have to go out to my sleep over job, the up side of which is that I have an electric blanket on my bed there…something which Mr D would never allow. We are one of those couples that alternately open (him) and shut (me) windows while the other isn’t looking…



  1. How ever do you get the time to do so much reading? I suppose I could make time but I rarely do.

    What an earth is your sleep over job if you don't mind me asking?

    X x

  2. It sounds like such a fun book to read. Sometimes all I want is light and entertaining.

  3. I haven't read any of her books I will have to try this one. A pile of 70 books to read that's quite a number and what a choice! I read roughly one book a week but mine come mainly from the library.
    Sarah x