Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Yesterday I had the day off to sit in and wait for a parcel to be delivered.  After getting home from my sleepover job in the morning, I promptly put my PJ’s on. This is where I will confess that my PJ’s can pass as lounging around outfits.  Just in case anyone pops by unexpected at 2pm, I can pretend that no, I’m not wearing PJ’s, I’m just wearing my casual clothes.


Lucky for me I had the March (eeeek….March!) edition of 25 beautiful homes, and the second of the Charlaine Harris Lily Bard series to read.


It’s a lot milder here this week, but that just means I can turn the heating off, and still have the log fire going.


Lunch was a cuppa soup which I found in the cupboard.  It was surprisingly tasty.


I may have eaten too many of these..but they have lasted since Christmas….so…their days were definitely numbered.

I did have visitors in the shape of my littlest Niece and her pooch while sis & hubbie went to town, but for some reason I didn’t have any photos of that!


I even looked through some paperwork for my new job.


And there it is…the delivery that came….eventually.

I did think long and hard about joining the I phone club, (the Instagram photos are pretty hard to resist) but in the end, I decided that I’m still a BB girl.

And look, she's purple, so you see my dilemma.

I could tell you about the delivery that came today, which included 180 boxes of tissues. But I’m gonna make you wait for that. You’ll just think I’m weird.



  1. Sounds like such a lovely, relaxing day! I'd love to curl up by the fireplace and eat some soup out of that lovely mug!

  2. What is the new Charlaine Harris series like? Love your new phone. Let you in on a secret I am a freak and dont even own a mobile. Nobody can believe it when I tell them.

  3. I had a BlackBerry for the longest time until I just couldn't live without the iPhone any more. The iPhone is the only phone that has ever been able to keep up with my crazy life.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. sometimes we all deserve a relaxing day like that one!

  5. We all need days off like this. Yours sounded amazing and relaxing and cosy. I think I will always be an iPhone girl. Or just Apple in general. I love them so much!

  6. You are a BB girl! Eeeeeee!! We should exchange pin numbers so we can chat :D Yes! We really should :D I am also a BB girl :D

    Your day sounds perfect! I especially love your PJ's that have double function :D

    Hapy Valentines my dear!!!


  7. Such a comfy & cozy way to spend the day :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. I'd choose Blackberry too. Plus you get Brickbreaker!!!

    I wish I could have hung out with you by the fireplace, that sounds nice.

  9. I got a blackberry and never looked back xx amateurartblog.blogspot.com

  10. Oh, love the purple BB! It's so pretty! I sit around in pajamas a lot. Except mine really look like pajamas. Haha!