Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Vintage Bedroom

I’ve been looking at vintage style bedrooms

vintage room

colourful bedroom


I’m torn between loving the colourful and the pale

vintage room 2

bedroom 1

shabby chic room

I love them both a lot. But I may be leaning towards the colour?

What are you leaning towards?



  1. I like the colour the most. I especially like the tree print on tne wall.

  2. I was looking for ideas for my daughters newly decorated room at the weekend and I found the same picture with the tree! She likes the colour, but I prefer the pale!

  3. Normally the wall, because I'm shattered! Lol. I like the pale, as I find it nice and relaxing. My youngest has a pale room and it looks lovely. (that is when it is neat and tidy, which is never!)

    X x

  4. Gorgeous pictures, just love the white and pastel colours :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. i love those whitish rooms! lots!

  6. i always love the way color looks but then i get cold feet and end up doing more of a neutral palette. these are great and remind me how i really need to decorate my own bedroom!!!

  7. I am torn between the two like you Claire, the older I get though, the more I like simple, clean and pared back. I'm deliberating over this at the mo...but what do I do with all the vintage pretties I've acquired over the years hmmmm?

  8. Such pretty bedrooms! Oh to be moved in to my bigger place and have a pretty bedroom like one those from above :)

    One can dream right :)


  9. Are you on Pinterest? Do they have it in the UK? You need to get on there! Thousands of fabulous pictures...of everything!

  10. i love the 4th and the last. my own bedroom is white. my little sleep sanctuary.

  11. I think colourful and pale are both great but I think I'm leaning towards the last three. Pale and neutral is always me.

  12. I'm definitely a fan of the pale! I've grown up in a house full of pale colours and hope to make our house the same!

    x Jasmine

  13. omg i LOVE white bedrooms but it's totally not my style. Haha i'm definitely a cluster, lots of photos, posters, frames on the wall kind of gal haha.

  14. All of these are soooo beautiful! I need to do something new with my room....

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