Thursday, 22 March 2012

A walk along the (my) prom


You know I live by the sea right?

Fancy coming for a wander?

I walked to a client’s house the other morning along the prom and took some pics with my mobile..


These beach huts are the first ones I come to if I walk to the beach from my house (takes about 2 minutes)


It was such a lovely day that there were actually quite a few people working on their huts, clearing them out after the winter and painting them, I loved looking inside them, but didn’t take pics for fear of being labelled some kind of stalker.


Here we are in the Spa Gardens.  The building there is a tea room.


Nice things to look at, lovely benches to sit on.


The white building in the right of the above picture is where the beach chalets are. These are like brick beach huts that are set back from the prom and have their own little patch of garden in front. Very 50’s.



Palm trees in Felixstowe?



The cranes in the distance are on Felixstowe Dock. The white building in the middle is the Pier building and you can just make out the old wooden pier out at sea (must take closer photos of that) You can’t walk on the wooden Pier out at sea anymore as it has been condemned and apparently the owners can’t afford to fix it.  Which is sad.

During the Second World War the majority of the pier, at the time one of the longest in the country and complete with its own train, was purposely demolished by Royal Engineers to prevent it being used as an easy landing point for enemy troops.


There, now you can have a rest and a nice cup of tea.

I’ll take you for a walk somewhere else soon!



  1. We really must visit Felixstowe soon - I quite fancy a walk along the Prom and calling in to get an ice-cream :)

  2. That first picture is amazing! I'm still looking at snow :(

  3. such a great walk right outside your doorstep as it were.
    thanks for taking us along!

  4. It's lovely where you live and those box huts are so cite. Are they worth heaps of money? cause the ones in Melbourne sell for crazy amounts.

  5. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

  6. So fun, would love to be taking a stroll right there now:)

  7. How great to walk to work along the prom -enjoy the (hopefully) sunny weekend!

  8. I enjoyed your walk along the prom,it is lovely to see your seaside too! My family originally came from Essex including Harwich and Walton on the Naze.
    Sarah x

  9. Hi, I'm your latest follower - love your blog because I too am by the sea ... I'm up north in the south lakes and it's a gorgeous sunny day here for a change! Jules x

  10. One day I will come see those colourful beach huts with you! I love them so much!

    x Jasmine

  11. i loved going on a "walk" with you. what a great place to live! so pretty!