Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bonfires and Wooffies

Well that’s that then….Easter is over for another year.

My weekend was eventful. But not many pics due to the fact that I am getting old and forgot my big girls camera, (that’ll be me on the bloggers naughty step then) and then the weather decided to go all wet.

There was a big difference in the woods this Easter, in that the blanket of Bluebells we usually find wasn’t there. We decided it was due to a combination of four legged creatures having a feast and that Easter was a lot later last year.

Charlie came to the woods for a couple of visits, he decided that the woods=fun and lots and lots of things to sniff and see how far he can get his head down the holes.


The rest of the photos taken on my phone aren’t really worthy which makes me sad. I do have this to show you though. I made this for some friends that came to dinner last week.


I can hear you asking me where the Bonfires in the title are.

Well here you go A few weeks ago we stayed at a friends house. We took our home on wheels and parked in their driveway, and enjoyed lots of yummy food, and then sat in a nearby field around a rather large bonfire.



We do like a nice fire….



The April showers are well and truly here.  The wellies are being put to good use.

I have in my possession the new CL mag, and I’m thinking Mr D may provide a cup of tea…..!



  1. Hi Claire,
    Sorry you forgot your camera, it's easily done, we got up to watch the sunrise over the sea and yes I left mine at home too. I'll have to get up early another morning instead! Maybe next year the bluebells will be all out too and your photos will be wonderful.
    Sarah x

  2. Oh I haven`t seen a bonfire in years! And the little doggy is so cute! I love your blog name and header - very pretty.


  3. it sounds like you've had a lovely time of it. the cake looks yum, but i would've been a little sad at the lack of bluebells.

  4. That bonfire is AWESOME. I love a good bonfire!

  5. Oh hello there gorgeous doggy! Superb!

    P.S. Enter my awesome Easter giveaway

  6. I love bonfires! I don't think I've been near one in years :(

    x Jasmine

    PS. Can't believe you forgot your camera!! :o

  7. Haha! Your silly! It sounds like a happy Easter sweetie! I've never been to a bonfire ;( We need to start one in Central Park when you get here ;) I'm sure it's not legal but who cares, right?! As long as we get to dress up like gypsies and dance the night away, I shall be one happy camper ;) xoxo

  8. Charlie is the cutest thing ever!!!! I just love him!!

  9. that really is a large bonfire! i love a fire so i can roast some marshmallows! sounds like a fun Easter. we had a mellow one with lots and lots of food.