Sunday, 22 April 2012

It doesn't always rain in England. (but it does rain a lot)

Boy have we had some water fall in the last week.

Sis & I managed to get to a car boot today to sell some of our accumulated rubbish treasure and rain forced an early pack up, but we still sold a mountain of stuff.

Can I just say I could kiss the organiser of the local Cats Protection car boots, where we don’t have to get there until 10.30am, & they actually lock the gates to the public until 12pm. NO annoying people barging you out of the way of your own car asking for perfume/god/videos.


Just sitting here watching The Voice (much to Mr D’s annoyance, (he keeps saying Dr House is on his way to visit, & he could be right..) and remembering the sun we had a couple of weeks ago (or was it last year….)


Looking at the forecast I think Zac & I could be getting wet on our walk this week….!



  1. The rain has been incessant hasn't it. I can deal with cloudy and overcast but rain just messes with my mojo (and my suede shoes). We're watching The Voice in our house too :) x

  2. Its been horrid here. Wet, wet wet... We watched The Voice too.

    X x

  3. That sun does seem a long time ago, doesn't it? We have had our dog a total of only two weeks and already the teenagers are reluctant to take him out in the rain!

  4. The market I go to you have to get there for 5.00am and a lot of feral people are there at that hour asking you what you have and how low you will go it drives me insane. Hope it stops raining soon.

  5. Hello there doggy! So so cute and sweet.

  6. Hi Claire,
    Aren't you lucky going to a car boot that stops everyone picking out things from your car when you are unpacking! Glad you had some success despite the rain. Zac looks so cute, Daisy refuses to go for a walk if it is wet we managed to dodge the showers today.

  7. I am in love with your dog!

  8. Ditto what Katrin said. Zac is adorable.

  9. How good is The Voice? I'll have to see if youtube has the English version!

    x Jasmine