Thursday, 5 April 2012

Random photo collection..

Some old photos for your amusement…


This was at a 70’s fancy dress. I was a flower girl. Can’t you tell? I sold that dress on e bay afterward, and I regret it.

claire kev

Mr D and I at a Halloween party. I borrowed my sis’s witchy cape, which was great as the party was in some woods and it was coooooold.  Mr D is Hannibal Lector SmileThis was a few years ago in a ‘short hair’ phase!



I thought I’d show you this one as this was taken Easter 2011 at the woods near our home which we get to pretend to be Gypsy’s in our home on wheels. I’m not sure the weather is due to be as kind as it was then…but time will tell!

old computer pics 003

And this was taken…yes in the very same woods. Easter 2010.

Guess where I will be this weekend? It’s kind of a tradition.

I hope your weekend is fabulous.



  1. hahaha I know... I always try to consider that there could be other factors contributing to how someone SEEMS to be.

    I guess he just fit into that token "grumpy old man" character. I felt okay about taking it as humorous because, I left this out of the story, but as his son was climbing down the bus steps, he said, "much ado about nothing."

  2. fun! lol
    aw, those bluebells, makes me pine for Engerland.

    have a great weekend frolicking!

  3. Beautiful selection, love the first photo, you look so sweet.

  4. Great photos, thank you for sharing. I hope the weather stays nice for you this weekend in the woods. I was looking back at my photos from last Easter and its all sunny and beautiful. Be nice as long as it stays dry.

    Have a lovely time hun

    X x

  5. Nice to see bluebells again, our last garden was full of them.
    Your husband makes a scary Lector, and you, a very pretty flower girl x

  6. I think I have a slight obsession with your house on wheels.
    It makes me want to pretend to be a gypsy, too.

    And, your posts make me miss England!

  7. Fancy dress parties are always fun as long as everyone else dresses up. I love that you also have a home on wheels. I hope it's a great weekend.

  8. I love your smile!
    Happy Easter!

  9. That hannibal mask is scary!!! Happy Easter!

  10. Love that photo of you in the flowers!

  11. Love your 70s get up! What a shame you sold that dress :(

    Can't wait for more photos from your gypsy holiday!

    x Jasmine

  12. Looking at old photos and reliving the old memories is such a good feeling. I love that picture of you at Easter 2011! So pretty.

    Thanks for your sweet words on my voluteer post. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the time to volunteer too. But I agree with you, when you do, it feels great!


  13. I like the pic with all the purple flowers! Hope you had a good easter!