Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cardigans are cool & sun burn is not


sun face

The good old British weather we all like to whinge about has failed to deliver this week. Instead we are all basking in the sunshine.

Living by the sea, it’s usually a lot cooler but that usually means more numpties people forget that there is actually a big bright burning thing beaming down upon them.

take a break from the sun

I’ve seen it already this week. People telling me they sat out all day in the sun and oh look now their skin is a brighter shade of crimson.  It makes me cringe to look at the marks where their little itsy bitsy clothing once was.

sun shade

I’m no angel, I’ve had my share of sunburn. But I like to think these days I’m a bit more conscious of the burning skin factor.

Cardigans have become my best friend. I have them in every colour, so even on the hottest days I will wear a thin one in order to cover up. Much better than having to cover my skin in the thick greasy factor 30.

And if you can’t bear to wear a cardigan, I find large scarves/shawls are fab for draping over my shoulders for protection.


There are lots of cool pretty umbrellas out there these days which can double up as a sun parasol. So really you have no excuse.

Apart from that, hope you’re loving the sunny weather



  1. I'm not much of a hot weather person but this year I have welcomed it like an old friend due to the run of pitifully gloomy conditions we have had up til now. I do miss my cardis and tights though. You do see some sights in this weather. Good for a laugh if nothing else:)

  2. I'm definitely a cardi girl.

    We've been having some great weather here, too (come on, summer!!!) and I've had to remember to put on the sunscreen and to get the hats out for my boys. I think this might be the year to get a big floppy sunhat for myself...


  3. I am a cardi girl during the springtime and autumn weather! But once the sun starts blaring I can not wear one! I have a serious issue with hot flashes and cardis just makes me burn alive even more! I do love them and very much!!

    P.S. NYC weather has been super crazy and full of incredible hot days! I'm already SO tanned and it's not even officially Summer!!

    Can't wait to see you in NYC sometime soon my dear friend! Love you!!


  4. Total cardi girl here, it's my go to in the spring and fall!

  5. I've heard rumours that England has been quite warm lately. One friend in London said it was 23 degrees, and another in Kent said it was 19 degrees. And they went out in shorts and tank tops. Meanwhile, it was 20 degrees today and I was FREEZING!

    I am a cover-up kind of girl. I used to love getting burnt/tanned when I was younger, but now I am a pasty, pasty girl. I prefer to be pale and not have any skin complications than to have wrinkles, sun spots etc when I'm older.

    x Jasmine

  6. I'm glad I tan quite easily but I slather on the sunscreen. I love the feel of the sun on my skin. It feels amazing. I do try to still be sun smart when I can :)

  7. ME TOO! Burning skin factor, that is.

    I posted a while ago with a picture of someone's skin under special light so you could see the skin damage. It's so scary. Since I live in Florida, and spend a lot of time walking to class when I'm at school, I wear sunscreen every day.

    I also cannot tan. I turn pink and then peel and I'm back to white haha, so I just take that as a sign that we aren't all meant to be bronze beauties ;)

  8. "Pale and interesting" hahah totally. We all know its the pasty girls who are the most mysterious ones around