Monday, 21 May 2012

Catching up.. and Book review no.13!

In case you thought I had drowned in my own snot, you will be pleased to know I am very much alive. I did use up a fair amount of tissues though, discovered that Ibrufen is a sore throats best friend, and added guilt free ringing in sick to the list of 101 reasons why I made the right choice to change my job this year.

You may well ask what I’ve been up to, and here you have it. In phone pictures.


Spent some time at sisters house, playing with my favourite puppy dog.


I’ve had a good week selling treasure, which I like to parcel up pretty Smile


The weather was cool before the weekend, Fri night, I sat in front of the fire…and then on Sun it was gardening weather….so I did.


I filled some pots with pretty flowers.


I do like my little garden, and last night Mr D lit the BBQ. I bet we weren’t the only ones..


In the midst of all this, I read my 13th book of the year…and you can read the review here.

over on my other blog

the vintage tea party book

And I treated myself to some of this….I’ll tell you all about it soon!

diamond jubilee tea caddy

Hope you are all lurgy free!

I now feel the need to confess that whilst writing this post I have devoured a packet of M&S Percy Pigs. I am probably going to Hell.



  1. what are percy pigs? lol

    intrigued over that tea, of course.
    sounds like a nice time, sans snot.

  2. Nice :)

    Take care and have a nice week :)

  3. Hi Claire,
    I'm glad you are on the mend now and still managed to get some things done over the weekend.
    Life would be dull if you didn't have some vices, I'm sure a packet of M&S Percy pigs aren't too bad, was it a big or small packet?

  4. Claire,

    First I want to say how glad I am to how found your blog (or vise versa?) so long ago. You are my most loyal commenter and I appreciate that you're not in this for the "blog fame." Three cheers for the little blogs!

    I also love that you do book reviews because I'm always adding more to my "to read list." Do you have a Goodreads account? (Have I already asked you that?) If not, its a great way to keep track of everything.

    And yes, my job is fun! I actually got to go on a free sail the other night and the pictures are beautiful, a true testament to how great living in Florida actually is sometimes. :) I'll be posting those soon for anyone who cares to see.

  5. Hope your feeling better hun. I could do with some book advice so I'll head over and have look.

    Your pots look beautiful.

    X x

  6. stinks being sick...hope you're better soon!
    love your flowers....we did ours today..i am happy and tired.
    I am also your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  7. Aww, I hope you'll feel better soon! Your little garden is so cute...and I'm really happy it's finally grilling season :)

  8. Hello my love! I was just updating my blog and checking peoples pages and whoaaa Ive realised who the parcel was from today now! I havent opened it but the brown mailing paper was torn slightly so I saw a bit of what was inside!! Im saving it for next week to open :-) as hubby is away and so I have no one to share my happiness with and the neighbours might report me if they hear wierd noises ;-) Thank you so much in advance, eeek it looks sooo pretty xo ps i had a bad cold / flu too and i totally sympathise with the drowning in snot situation ;-) Glad you're feeling better xo

  9. Pretty, pretty garden!

    What are Percy Pigs?

    x Jasmine