Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Sun came out

I thought I would post some proof that we did get some of the yellow stuff which has been a bit shy of late.  Bank Holiday weekend & we went to Glenham Game Fair.


The fair was moved up the hill as our usual spot was water logged in this drought we’ve been having…..(said in best sarcastic voice). Sunday was wet. Very wet. So wet, that all we could do was venture out to the pie and cheese man, then head to the cider stall.  And the beer tent where mulled wine was awaiting. Sometimes you just have to put your best British face on.


How would you like these trees in your back garden? If there wasn’t a fence keeping the riff raff out, I would be tempted to see if I could fit in that tree trunk above…


Back at the homestead, Mr D is out fixing my shed roof.  My stock is taking over the house, and I am soon to get a shed extension in the not so distant future, which will mean you may be able to get from A to B in the house without undertaking the assault course which is the boxes of goodies, packaging and general ‘stuff’. Which reminds me….must watch the programme about Hoarders tonight…..

Back soon with a book review!



  1. So.... how did you set a record player on fire!?

  2. A wet bank holiday? It must be Britain....

    Glad you had a good one.

    X x

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  4. You really did send the rain here Claire hahaha, it's been raining for two days,

  5. I forgot all about the Glemham Game Fair - always wanted to take my dogs and enter them in the spaniel scurry!

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  7. Loving your larger photos! :D Those trees are fabulous.

    x Jasmine