Tuesday, 26 June 2012

This is not an apologie

It's been almost a week since I blogged.
Sometimes I think the weeks whizz by faster as I get older and I get slower at catching them up.
This is not a post where I apologise for my lateness. Those kind of posts kind of make me cringe a little.
Blog when you want. When you have something to say, or share. When you feel like it. Don't blog because you think I might have a hissy fit.
And I'll do the same.

The picture above has nothing to do with anything. I just found it as I was sorting through the bowels of the picture files.
That wee girl on the right is turning ten next week.
For the first time ever she has decided she wants to invite school friends to a proper birthday party.
I'm not sure who is more excited for the cake, sweet bar and party games, her or her Auntie.

I cracked open the vintage port tonight.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012




It’s good just to go to bed for a couple of hours during daylight.

I’ve always loved my bed, not that I was a stay-in-bed-all-day type of teenager… but I did always want to go to bed early. And still do. Mostly.

Not to mention, if I don’t get at least my 8 hours I’m quite capable of being the bitch-from-hell.

002 - Copy (2)

Now, in the days of laptops, there's  just no stopping me sometimes. I could waste wile away an afternoon reading blogs, stalking looking at peoples photos that I neither know nor have any real interest in on face book.. (you’ve all done it)

008 - Copy

And do you know what? I don’t even feel guilty about it. My life. My choices. My bed.


Sunday, 17 June 2012

A nice Church…shame about The Rules

Over Jubilee weekend Mr D & I took Bertie the jeep out for a run. We decided to visit the lovely village of Dedham.


I liked the Jubilee flowers.

Mr D always likes to look in Church’s even though he is not in the least bit religious, he loves to look out the architecture and read the history.



We wandered around the old graveyard, which always interests me.

When I got home I looked on the Church’s website & found some rules about the tributes…

The following is copied from the website…

Only real flowers are permitted. These should be placed on the grave without paper, cellophane or plastic wrapping. The exceptions to this "real flowers" rule are poppies in November, and Advent wreaths nearer to Christmas, and these should be removed within a month of them being placed on the grave

For safety reasons the only kind of flower vases permitted are those made of stone or metal. Where these are not an integral part of a stone memorial then separate permission for them must be obtained. Glass and plastic vases will be removed.

No other kinds of ornament are permitted on any grave in our country churchyard. Thus toys, balloons, candles, lights, pictures or garden ornaments (all of which have been placed in our churchyard in recent years) will be removed. If this causes offence, please try to appreciate that the grave you tend is not in a private space such as a garden, but in a public space; one which has to be maintained safely and in a way that pleases the many other people who must share the space with you. This is why there are churchyard regulations, and also why I have given instruction for them to be maintained.

Although I can understand they don’t want the churchyard to look like an advert for some cheap garden ornament market stall, reading it still made me a bit sad.



Saturday, 16 June 2012

Signs of Summer & what’s not to miss



This past week the hose pipe ban was lifted. The people that must be obeyed decided that a month of on and off torrential rain would do for now. So then the sun came out. Just for a little while.

Mr D & I BBQ’d one evening. Lit the wood burner & I has some Pimms

It was so nice it got me to thinking about this year, this summer & how much of a changed woman I feel.

I thought I’d share with you what’s not to miss about working in my previous role serving the good old general public, by way of giving you some hints about how not to behave as a customer.

Please don’t…. Move the sign/chairs/general barricade that has been put in your way before the shop is open to stop you from walking over the floor that is being cleaned! Yes see that girl with the mop? She’s not ready! That sign on the window? That says Closed!!

Please don’t…..Walk in and assume you can jump the ten person deep queue by sneaking around the the other end of the counter and trying to catch the eye of the new girl who hasn’t got her confidence up yet to tell you that there’s a queue! So join it!!

Please don’t….spend the few minutes while you’ve been waiting your turn gossiping to your friend then realise you don’t haven't a clue what you want…there are other people waiting to be served!

Please don’t…. keep talking on your mobile phone when the girl is trying to figure out by your hand gestures what it is you want. Hang up! It’s just rude!

Please don’t…. tell the girl how she should make a coffee/ice cream because that’s how they do it in Italy/America. You are in England. If they make it so good over there, don’t let the door smack you on the arse on the way out!

Please don’t….let your child run riot around the shop, see that sign? It says Children are not allowed to play on the stairs..or go into the kitchen. That girl with the big heavy bucket? That’s going to land on your precious child’s head if you don’t get control!

Please don’t…..ask where the milk is when you are brought your cups of coffee. Only two hands………

Please don’t…..walk in at 5 to closing, order something and settle down for the night.

I’m quite fussy when I go into a shop/cafe about customer service, but having been on the other side of the counter I do feel for the poor staff running around.

As summer is approaching, I’m often asked if I regret changing my job.

Although there were obviously things I loved about it or I wouldn’t have stayed for 8 yrs, the bottom line is that no. I don’t regret it. I might do a post about my new job ( s ) soon and how they have changed my lifestyle…


Friday, 15 June 2012

Lament. Book Review No. 14!

I feel like I haven't read enough books this year. I always think there are soooo many books in the world for me to read and just not enough reading time.
So It’s been a while, but this is the latest book I read.
Sixsteen year old Dee is a cloverhand…..someone who can see faeries. When she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Beautiful, mysterious Luke, Dee senses that he wants something more dangerous than a summer romance.
But Dee doesn’t realize that Luke is an assassin from the faerie world.
And she is his next target.
‘I've had this book for a while, bought for me by my sis, who whilst in one of those cheap buy 3 for 5.00 book shops got ‘persuaded’ to buy her little sis the third one.
I spent a while trying to figure out if this book was part of a series….as lets face it a lot of YA books of this genre become a trio, I didn’t want to find out I was reading the second of a trilogy half way through, so I looked it up on the web and decided that no, this is a stand alone book.
I have to say it took a bit of getting in to. But I was determined. I didn’t really get it for ages, I couldn’t figure out what Luke was all about and what he was trying to do, in fact I felt a wee bit thick as this is after all a YA book, so I’m thinking, ‘why don’t I understand it?’
I found Dee annoying, all these supernatural powers she seemed to get, seeing bunnies talk to people and never once questioning it.
Yes I realise I never questioned to un deadness of Twilight, I guess Edward and his gang didn’t annoy me and so I was more willing to believe their story.
I’m glad I stuck with the book, as it did kind of make sense in the end, but It definitely isn’t my favourite one of the year so far!
I think maybe I’ve saturated myself with the un dead teenage thing, my next book is definitely going to be from the adult section. (No I don’t mean that adult section…)
Has anyone else read this? Did you like it?
I have so much to do today as Mr D & I skived off yesterday and went for a motorbike ride. Those days are just the best.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Festival Footwear

This weekend saw Mr D & I at a small local music festival where the boys made an appearance.

Festival? You don’t have to ask me twice, any excuse to get the wellies out.

hunters wellies

My pink Hunters were half price so no turning noses up at the brightness.

With it being an out doorsie gig, I managed to get some half decent photos of the boys themselves with my big girls camera. All you bloggers with ambition to be fabulous photographers (don’t lie) will feel my pain when it comes to low light fast moving photography!


They certainly were high energy


And a bonus that the event had its own sound man giving Mr D time to spend with wifey


Don’t let the lovely sunny pics fool you. It has rained for two days straight. Funny there’s been no mention of the hose pipe ban lately. Wondering what would happen if one was to break it? Jail time?

I’m off to bed now, with my book and my teddy bear.

Nighty Night.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Happy Day

Back from Yorkshire with a Land Rover full of treasure.  Oh how Mr D would be glad he took the roof rack off, or there would really have been no stopping this girl.

Today has been spent in the garden, taking pictures and sorting treasure. One of my favourite past times, along with reading.


See that lovely skirt I have on? My lovely bloggy friend made it from a Vintage Pillow case. It came all.the.way from Australia. Proof to Mr D that they are real. Bloggy friends that is. Because sometimes he has been known to question.  How cool is that. To see more about it hop on over to My Other Blog.

Mr D & I have started to feed the birdies. We have tried in the past but they didn’t really want to know us. Now we have a secret weapon which is Suet Pellets.  And Fat Balls. They are now our very best friends.


So now I’m like a regular Disney Princess.  They’ll be cleaning my house and mending my clothes before you can say



PS. Yes Brunty Bear is with me in the garden. So section me.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A road trip


I’m off on a trip to Yorkshire with my favourite sister.

sis and me with cupcakes

We will be spending quality time with Granny, eating cake, drinking wine & tea alternately and generally having a jolly old time.

Back soon!!


Granny Burn Smile