Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Festival Footwear

This weekend saw Mr D & I at a small local music festival where the boys made an appearance.

Festival? You don’t have to ask me twice, any excuse to get the wellies out.

hunters wellies

My pink Hunters were half price so no turning noses up at the brightness.

With it being an out doorsie gig, I managed to get some half decent photos of the boys themselves with my big girls camera. All you bloggers with ambition to be fabulous photographers (don’t lie) will feel my pain when it comes to low light fast moving photography!


They certainly were high energy


And a bonus that the event had its own sound man giving Mr D time to spend with wifey


Don’t let the lovely sunny pics fool you. It has rained for two days straight. Funny there’s been no mention of the hose pipe ban lately. Wondering what would happen if one was to break it? Jail time?

I’m off to bed now, with my book and my teddy bear.

Nighty Night.



  1. Looks fab!! Love the pink Hunters and what a bargain! x

  2. That is so fun! I love we share a love of wellies!

    There are very bright and fun!

  3. Thoses pink hunters are fab. I'd want to wear them all the time.

    Great photos. So hard to take too.

    X x

  4. Great pics and fab pink hunters :)

    BTW on the local news this am - hosepipe ban is being lifted - bring on the sunshine :)

  5. EEEEEE!! I love those pink Hunter boots. I would buy them for sure :) Looks like it was good fun though.

  6. Apparently Anglian Water are lifting the hosepipe ban at midnight!

  7. Wow it seems like so much fun! Loving the pink wellies too (: xx

  8. you and Mr D always have such fun! and how cute are those wellies? i saw those pink ones and was very tempted. half price is a really good deal!


  9. You two have so much fun together, I love it. And I adore your boots!

  10. I can't begin to tell you how much I love your pink boots, Claire!!!