Sunday, 10 June 2012

Happy Day

Back from Yorkshire with a Land Rover full of treasure.  Oh how Mr D would be glad he took the roof rack off, or there would really have been no stopping this girl.

Today has been spent in the garden, taking pictures and sorting treasure. One of my favourite past times, along with reading.


See that lovely skirt I have on? My lovely bloggy friend made it from a Vintage Pillow case. It came all.the.way from Australia. Proof to Mr D that they are real. Bloggy friends that is. Because sometimes he has been known to question.  How cool is that. To see more about it hop on over to My Other Blog.

Mr D & I have started to feed the birdies. We have tried in the past but they didn’t really want to know us. Now we have a secret weapon which is Suet Pellets.  And Fat Balls. They are now our very best friends.


So now I’m like a regular Disney Princess.  They’ll be cleaning my house and mending my clothes before you can say



PS. Yes Brunty Bear is with me in the garden. So section me.


  1. Looks and sounds like you've had quite an adventure. Loving all your treasure.

    Nice skirt too.

    X x

  2. Hi Claire,
    Your treasure looks wonderful and I love your skirt from Australia, it's so pretty what a great way to reuse the vintage material.
    Sarah x

  3. I can just imagine you singing and all the birds and animals singing along with you.

  4. What a thoughtful bloggy friend :) And I'm loving those teacups!!! Fat pigeons in my yard right now, even in the rain :)

  5. what a fabulous stuff!! lucky you!

  6. You mean you're not a Disney Princess already?! ;)

    x Jasmine

  7. i can't believe that skirt is made from a pillow case....that is awesome! i love it :) and that is so interesting you lived in malta! why were you there? i had never really heard of it until i planned a vacay here...then everyone knows someone or has lived funny :)

  8. It all looks so lovely! We had no luck with peanuts but, as you say, fat balls and suet are the preferred snack for the birds in our garden as well. Love the skirt.