Friday, 15 June 2012

Lament. Book Review No. 14!

I feel like I haven't read enough books this year. I always think there are soooo many books in the world for me to read and just not enough reading time.
So It’s been a while, but this is the latest book I read.
Sixsteen year old Dee is a cloverhand…..someone who can see faeries. When she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Beautiful, mysterious Luke, Dee senses that he wants something more dangerous than a summer romance.
But Dee doesn’t realize that Luke is an assassin from the faerie world.
And she is his next target.
‘I've had this book for a while, bought for me by my sis, who whilst in one of those cheap buy 3 for 5.00 book shops got ‘persuaded’ to buy her little sis the third one.
I spent a while trying to figure out if this book was part of a series….as lets face it a lot of YA books of this genre become a trio, I didn’t want to find out I was reading the second of a trilogy half way through, so I looked it up on the web and decided that no, this is a stand alone book.
I have to say it took a bit of getting in to. But I was determined. I didn’t really get it for ages, I couldn’t figure out what Luke was all about and what he was trying to do, in fact I felt a wee bit thick as this is after all a YA book, so I’m thinking, ‘why don’t I understand it?’
I found Dee annoying, all these supernatural powers she seemed to get, seeing bunnies talk to people and never once questioning it.
Yes I realise I never questioned to un deadness of Twilight, I guess Edward and his gang didn’t annoy me and so I was more willing to believe their story.
I’m glad I stuck with the book, as it did kind of make sense in the end, but It definitely isn’t my favourite one of the year so far!
I think maybe I’ve saturated myself with the un dead teenage thing, my next book is definitely going to be from the adult section. (No I don’t mean that adult section…)
Has anyone else read this? Did you like it?
I have so much to do today as Mr D & I skived off yesterday and went for a motorbike ride. Those days are just the best.

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  1. I haven't read it, but I know what you mean about changing things up a bit.