Sunday, 17 June 2012

A nice Church…shame about The Rules

Over Jubilee weekend Mr D & I took Bertie the jeep out for a run. We decided to visit the lovely village of Dedham.


I liked the Jubilee flowers.

Mr D always likes to look in Church’s even though he is not in the least bit religious, he loves to look out the architecture and read the history.



We wandered around the old graveyard, which always interests me.

When I got home I looked on the Church’s website & found some rules about the tributes…

The following is copied from the website…

Only real flowers are permitted. These should be placed on the grave without paper, cellophane or plastic wrapping. The exceptions to this "real flowers" rule are poppies in November, and Advent wreaths nearer to Christmas, and these should be removed within a month of them being placed on the grave

For safety reasons the only kind of flower vases permitted are those made of stone or metal. Where these are not an integral part of a stone memorial then separate permission for them must be obtained. Glass and plastic vases will be removed.

No other kinds of ornament are permitted on any grave in our country churchyard. Thus toys, balloons, candles, lights, pictures or garden ornaments (all of which have been placed in our churchyard in recent years) will be removed. If this causes offence, please try to appreciate that the grave you tend is not in a private space such as a garden, but in a public space; one which has to be maintained safely and in a way that pleases the many other people who must share the space with you. This is why there are churchyard regulations, and also why I have given instruction for them to be maintained.

Although I can understand they don’t want the churchyard to look like an advert for some cheap garden ornament market stall, reading it still made me a bit sad.




  1. The church looks amazing but the rules are kind of harsh.

    X x

  2. These photos are so beautiful! There's something so romantic about old churches.

  3. We went to my mother in law's grave yesterday. I find graveyards strangely comforting.

  4. Yikes... the rules are sort of lame. But the church looks beautiful.

  5. Beautiful church!

    It's a shame about some of those rules. I understand why they're in place, but if a family wants to leave something special for a loved one that has passed, they should be allowed too - even if it's only for a short amount of time.

    x Jasmine

  6. Such a beautiful church! Don't you just love beautiful old buildings!

    I really don't agree with the last rule, the memento one. I'm not sure how it can be offensive. What if a child wants to leave a little stuffed animal for a special someone that has passed away. Or something that you know the person would have cherished!


  7. These are great...churches are so majestic!!