Saturday, 16 June 2012

Signs of Summer & what’s not to miss



This past week the hose pipe ban was lifted. The people that must be obeyed decided that a month of on and off torrential rain would do for now. So then the sun came out. Just for a little while.

Mr D & I BBQ’d one evening. Lit the wood burner & I has some Pimms

It was so nice it got me to thinking about this year, this summer & how much of a changed woman I feel.

I thought I’d share with you what’s not to miss about working in my previous role serving the good old general public, by way of giving you some hints about how not to behave as a customer.

Please don’t…. Move the sign/chairs/general barricade that has been put in your way before the shop is open to stop you from walking over the floor that is being cleaned! Yes see that girl with the mop? She’s not ready! That sign on the window? That says Closed!!

Please don’t…..Walk in and assume you can jump the ten person deep queue by sneaking around the the other end of the counter and trying to catch the eye of the new girl who hasn’t got her confidence up yet to tell you that there’s a queue! So join it!!

Please don’t….spend the few minutes while you’ve been waiting your turn gossiping to your friend then realise you don’t haven't a clue what you want…there are other people waiting to be served!

Please don’t…. keep talking on your mobile phone when the girl is trying to figure out by your hand gestures what it is you want. Hang up! It’s just rude!

Please don’t…. tell the girl how she should make a coffee/ice cream because that’s how they do it in Italy/America. You are in England. If they make it so good over there, don’t let the door smack you on the arse on the way out!

Please don’t….let your child run riot around the shop, see that sign? It says Children are not allowed to play on the stairs..or go into the kitchen. That girl with the big heavy bucket? That’s going to land on your precious child’s head if you don’t get control!

Please don’t…..ask where the milk is when you are brought your cups of coffee. Only two hands………

Please don’t…..walk in at 5 to closing, order something and settle down for the night.

I’m quite fussy when I go into a shop/cafe about customer service, but having been on the other side of the counter I do feel for the poor staff running around.

As summer is approaching, I’m often asked if I regret changing my job.

Although there were obviously things I loved about it or I wouldn’t have stayed for 8 yrs, the bottom line is that no. I don’t regret it. I might do a post about my new job ( s ) soon and how they have changed my lifestyle…



  1. I cannot tolerate rudeness in any shape or form Claire - although I have to say sometimes the people behind the counter are worse than their customers! (here at least)
    Nice to read you're finally getting some sun over there, our Winter is brewing along very nicely (gorgeously cold, wet, grey and windy - yay!)

  2. The BBQ sounds fun...have an awesome Father's Day and weekend Claire!!

  3. Pimms is a new summer tradition for us - such a great one! Serving the public can always have its challenges :)

  4. A girl after my own heart. A good glass of pimms and a dislike of rude customers.

    I think each of the nasty customers should try being the otherwise of the counter at times.

    X x

  5. I think we're onto day 3 of a 'summer' here - roll out the Pimms.

    Being brave and heading out to lunch - in a pub and shall probably eat outside!!

    Since I've been working in a shop I've become aware just how rude some people can be - luckily I've a thick skin but even then there's been times when I've wanted to slap some people ;)

  6. well i can relate to this, i work in a shop and some of these roll over to that. the phone thing is just horrendous isn't it. i just want to say nope sorry im not serving you. hate it. i've also worked in pubs too but i was quite good at ignoring idiots in that situ.

    glad you like the bottles, i didn't have the ones with ads on as a kid but i do remember they only had glass ones in my day. ah yeah i saw the guy with the bottles on a hoarders programme, he said he had 70,000!

  7. Thank yu for visiting my blog - I have enjoyed catching up with yours.
    I agree. I hate rudeness and get annoyed when people have conversations on their mobile phones while they are being served at a checkout. I want to scream at them.

  8. Ah, love Pimms! I was going on about it the other night when I was planning what I wanted for Wimbledon over here!

    I like good customer service, but when I am serving, some people are just so inconsiderate!

    And, if all goes well, I hope to be in England in just over a year!

  9. my boyfriend is obsessed with pimms! what do you mix it with???


  10. This Summer is definitely going to feel different for you! No ice cream store!!! YAY!!!

    Will you go buy some ice cream?

    x Jasmine