Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rain, Shine & Mud!



It was pretty muddy when we first arrived at our big field in Kent. So much so that we wondered if the show would ever happen, but the organisers managed to drag everyone on who couldn’t get there under their own steam.  Our porta loo was even dragged into position. (yes we are upper class campers that have got to the age where we rent our own portaloo rather than brave the public ones!) Wellies and brolly’s were the order of the day. (Thank you Niece for my cute brolly)

But at last the sun did appear, just in time for the paying public to burst through the gates. Sometimes I wish they would keep those gates shut. Too many people.

I spent my time wandering the miles of stalls (mostly green greasy metal or dead-mans clothes) aka ‘blue’ stalls. But this year there was a definite upturn in ‘pink’ stalls. I got (thank you Mr D!) some 50’s style dungarees that I have been lusting over for years. Photo shoot to follow Smile


We had dancing lessons on the lawn….


I spent an afternoon watching the dancers in the marquee..


Once again they had The Jive Aces every afternoon


various friends arrived throughout the week to join us


Great way to carry your bike!


Mr D and his friend dressed up for dinner….


And we had a bit of fun around the camp too..


We have been going to this particular show for 14 years now and we never tire of it. Roll on next year!



  1. Wow you were brave to keep on going after the first pic.

  2. Hi Claire that looks amazing fun despite the mud. Having gone for so many years it was be wonderful to meet up with others that have been doing the same!
    Sarah x

  3. Holy cow, that's super muddy! But looks like a great time! I love festivals!

  4. Looks like you had a fun time regardless of the weather!

  5. Haha, it sure looks muddy. But you had fun, and will go back next year...nothing can beat that feeling of going back to a place and festival you love!

  6. Ha,ha,ha I love the last shot. I am glad you had a good time!

  7. I love when shows/concerts/themed events became a lifestyle or culture and you can't help but go every time it's on! I love the photos! The mud made me smile. I haven't seen good rain in a while.

  8. That's some mud. Love the last shot!

  9. goodness, i think i remember you going to this camp last year! isn't it funny how you can "spend" a year with someone. we've known each other for so long now :) i love that first photo. how fun to run around in the mud and rain in some wellies!!!