Friday, 6 July 2012

This Week..



This little girl turned double figures. There was candy by way of a buffet…(see lots of pics over here) including the candy buffet.


The Olympic Torch came to this little seaside town.. I have no clue who that torch bearer is but he looks rather chuffed!

In between rain showers, I managed to get my bike out for a jolly. I’ve missed her and I need to get back on it so to speak.

Tonight is a glorious sunny evening. I revamped an old laundry bin I found in a second hand shop.


Ripped off the tired stained old padded top, painted the outside, and stapled some pretty material inside.


I did have a conversation with Mr D about this being the ‘magic box’ where he puts his dirty clothes and clean ones magically appear.

Anyone else’s hubby got a box like that!?

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Hi Claire,
    Your nieces party pictures look wonderful, what a shame I'm not 10 again, and have been invited to a party like that!
    I'm glad you have had the sunshine, there hasn't been many pictures of the olympic torch on the blogs I have seen.
    Your laundry bin revamp looks so pretty. If you do find a magic bin please let me be the first to know. I hate doing the ironing!
    Sarah x

  2. love the magic box :) haha. my kids have one. and how cool you got to see the torch! that's so exciting!!!

  3. My girls have a magic box, but it's called their bedroom floor!
    Thanks for my lovely surprize parcel Claire, I have been without a computer so I couldn't thank you earlier. Have sent some snail mail your way too - you should receive it next week. Love.

  4. My hubbies magic box is also the floor as is my daughters. Very lazy people they are.

    Loving the revamp You did on the box it looks fab.

    Photos look amazing too.

    X x

  5. Laundry - don't even go there - it is the bane of my life.
    What a ovely little girl.

  6. Oh, oh, that's my laundry bin! Inherited it from my Mum but yours looks a lot cleaner and prettier than mine!

  7. Happy birthday to your niece!

    We have a similar magical box ... except Mr LG just dumps his clothes around it, rather than in it. He even dumps his clothes that don't need washing yet (like jeans) on top of it and then wonders why I keep washing them *sigh*

    x Jasmine

  8. Happy happy birthday to your niece. A lolly buffet is always a good idea ;)

    Haha the magic box sounds like my house. Although Jason does put things in the laundry basket and of course his clothes magically end up in the closet :p

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little niece! :)

    I would have loved to see the Olympic torch go by!!

    Can't wait for our date!!

    P.S. I nominated you for an award on the blog :)