Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tues Night in..Wimbeldon style

You may or may not know that Tues nights Mr D abandons me for the pub. I am left to my own devices to rattle around in my little house trying to pass the time until he decides he has drunk enough beer and spoke enough squit to come back to me.
And if you believe that (apart from the squit bit....that's probably true) then you really don't know me at all.

Tonight...being my Tues night in, I have at last been able to sit and indulge in the British tradition that is Wimbeldon.

I love it, and yet this year I seem to have not seen any matches until tonight when I got to see the highlights.

Theres just something about it that I love

I don't even care who wins that much, I just like watching :)

Yes Tues nights in are pretty indulgent.
And you know I do indulgent very well.
After I've visited with some virtual friends I will be hot-footing it up the stairs to blanket bay, well before 10pm, with my Aug issue of Country Homes & Interiors tucked under my arm.
Hope your Tues night is great.


  1. I have just come back from a lovely sports massage and enjoying a cup of tea with some Green & Blacks. Tuesdays aren't all that bad.

  2. Oh, I LOVE Wimbledon.
    Once I pick a person in a match, it makes it more competitive!

    It was tragic when Nadal lost, though!

  3. I don't really watch Wimbledon but I don't watching some tennis. It's pretty fun to watch (and play on the Wii) x

  4. Makes me want to play tennis again!!! :)


  5. Hope you had a great Tuesday night in and saw some tennis. Sometimes I like time alone when I can do what I want to do!
    Sarah x

  6. Tennis outfits are the cutest! I wish I was any good at playing and could warrant walking around in a cute white dress all day.
    I'm ok at golf, but ew to those outfits, lol.
    Your Tuesday night sounds wonderful, and I hope your Thursday one is too!

  7. I was a tennis professional player for 9 years, I miss the game!

  8. Tuesday nights are my night's in too! Though I must admit I can't stand tennis, so we differ there :P

    x Jasmine