Monday, 6 August 2012

I thought I looked so cute when I got dressed….



It was so nice to wake up to sunshine at Damyns Hall where we stayed at the weekend,


A good day to wear my cute summer dress I thought..


Off I skipped to buy treasure from the nice vintage stalls

As you can the weather had other ideas. Drenched.

Mr D could hardly contain himself when I eventually got back to camp. He did however manage to find the camera.

As you can see!

British summers, don’t you just love them .



  1. Not leaving much to the imagination there Claire! Great pics though and it is a cute dress x

  2. Typical! Well sometimes you get to the point where you're so wet you can't get any wetter. At least you're still smiling.

  3. Poor you, you look so wet, hope you found so treasure at the vintage stalls to make it worth while! Hope the sunshine comes out soon so you can enjoy wearing your lovely dress in the proper summer weather!
    Sarah x

  4. oh dear! I've had a few moments like that lately! The pictures really made me laugh (sorry! :)) Our Summer is a joke...I'm still waiting for it to arrive! x

  5. Its a really cute dress, I hope you found lots at the stalls to compensate for getting drenced.

  6. Hahahaha, oh no. Oh, I shouldn't laugh :( You look so cute!

    x Jasmine