Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tealightful Tues. I want to need my hat again

Was it really only just over a week ago that I sat in the garden on a glorious sunny morning and indulged in a tea tray of tea and pancakes?
OK, you're right. Yes there is a flake in there too. I'm getting quite partial to a flake. Or two.
FYI the teapot held 4 cups. I counted.

The weather is being particularly british at the moment. Not to be trusted one little bit.
The washing on my line has been out for two days now, maybe it will get dry tomorrow?

Do you like my new hat?
I want to wear it again please.
If you care, the jeans and cardi-waistcoat-thingy I'm wearing was hand me downs from the oldest niece. My silver Converse (which I love) were half price but then who would pay the ful price of about 80.00 I don;t know) & the floral blouse from Primark.
My hair needs cut. Mr D did it last time, I'll have to get him on the case.


  1. I hope the sun comes back soon so you can enjoy more tray's of tea.

  2. I can't believe you let your husband cut your hair Claire!
    My husband likes nothing more than getting out there and hacking into our bushes with his secateurs - I would not let him touch my hair - I'd end up looking like a skinhead!
    Birthday soon....x

  3. I hope you get some glorious Summer days in these last few weeks of Summer! If not ... you can always come down here and celebrate Summer with me ;)

    x Jasmine

  4. Hi Claire,
    What a contrast with the last post. You look very stylish and your tea and pancakes look delicious.
    Sarah x

  5. I love that hat, hats are always fab! The tea set is very pretty too!