Monday, 13 August 2012

That weekend I turned 40

It’s official. I’m now 40. Halfway to 80.

This weekend was packed full of fun times, cake, (lots and lots of cake) good friends lets not forget about the wonderful pressies.


Friday afternoon was spent in a little tea room in my town, 12 of us girlies piled in took over the place and scoffed.


all of the food was made by the owners, who were there to serve us. Absolutely gorgeous!



Friday night was spent at our friends house where we ate fish and chips, (only a chip butty for me *fu-lof-cake*)

Saturday (the Birthday) we headed off to Brighton.


Having never been to Brighton it is fair to say I was excited. Everyone told me the vintage shops were fabulous (they weren’t lying) and it is a very happening place with a great feel to it.

We spent our time wandering The Lanes (for anyone wanting to know, the North Lanes are best for vintage shops) visiting tea rooms (separate post for those!), and drinking ‘some’ wine.


The Graffiti was great!


Don’t you just love it when a sofa appears in front of your weary legs?


One day we will go back and go on The wheel.


Happy couple Smile 


My travelling companions. They are watching people get spun upside down on the ride at the end of the pier. No thanks!!


To the right of the pic above  you can see the remains of the old Brighton Pier which was destroyed when it burnt down in 2003 leaving just the metal skeleton.

There is no photographic evidence that we spent the evening on Sat in one of Jamie Oliver's  restaurant's. (verdict….very funky, ok), meeting up with some friends in a bar, and a trip to Budgens at 1am. Then spending a bit of time convincing the reception staff at the Premier Inn that our door key would not work even after 3 attempts of them ‘reprogramming’ it. We were not just a couple of drunks. The door really was faulty. (which btw was good for us as we have been refunded the FULL cost of our room due to their 100% good night guarantee!! )(which we actually knew nothing about until the nice desk lady asked for Mr D’s card to make the refund!)

Sunday was spent mulling the day before over at breakfast and on the way home visiting with a best friend from my Primary school (love face book) where we sat in the sun and ate more cake, and caught up over the last 18 or so years since we last saw each other!!


Look at us as respectable grown ups. The stories we could tell of our youth!

I think it wouldn’t be a lie to say I have been spoilt.

Hope you’ve all had a fun weekend too with lots of sun! (and cake)



  1. Happy Birthday dear Claire. I can see you celebrated well. Lovely pics (that grafitti!), lovely birthday, lovely YOU!

    Tardy pressie to come from me I'm afraid.

    p.s. I will always be older than you!

  2. Happy birthday hun and welcome to the 40s club! Not that you look it at all.

    X x

  3. Happy happy birthday, you are so pretty and all of that look sooo yummy and fun!

  4. Happy Birthday, dear Claire! Looks like you had a wonderful time! You ate at one of Jamie's restaurants?! I would love to do that one day! haha Love his shows!

    You are such a gorgeous couple! xxx

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Claire! It looks like you had a wonderful time your tea party looks delicious and your weekend in Brighton looks fun, with your free nights accommodation!
    Sarah x

  6. Happy Birthday Lovely, it looks like you celebrated well. Brighton looks lovely.

  7. i've spent lot of time in brighton, my best friend lives there. brilliant place. many happy returns

  8. Happy Birthday. 40 isn't so bad. I've been here for 6 years already and I am enjoying the best years yet.

  9. Sorry that last comment (Credit Cruncher) was an old blog on an old email. This is my latest blog.
    Jane X

  10. Happy Birthday, you certainly celebrated a lot.

  11. I took my parents with me to Brighton for the first time - we never made it past The Lanes! I'll have to go back. Happy Birthday! Looks like a happy one :)

  12. Ah Claire, it looks like you had a fantastic birthday! I'm so happy for you and I wish I could give you a great big hug!

  13. BEST WEEKEND EVER! Seriously, it probably couldn't have been more perfect. Happy birthday!!

    x Jasmine