Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Busy Lately…

I’ve been busy the last week or so. Last week I worked about 70 hours at all of my 3 jobs as they were all short staffed.

pillow fort

The good thing about having 3 zero hour contract jobs is that I get to generally pick and choose where/when I work. I like to mix it up. I’ve had more than one job ever since I became old enough to work, it’s just how I like it. I couldn’t imagine doing a 9-5 same place every day kind of job, I don’t like to be tied down…

The freedom of being able to say no is very important to me. I’ve never been a career girl. I like to think that the reason I didn’t go to university is that I chose not to. Not because I wasn't bright enough. But the reality is that I didn’t really choose at all, as going to university just  never entered my head.

Times were different then, (hark at me old person)  More school leavers went into jobs where they got paid in training, whereas now there is a lot of pressure for people to get the grades and study more.

My parents were never the pushy get the grades type parents, and I’m grateful for that. If they had been my life would be so different. Lets face it, my life is pretty darn good.

So when I say i worked so hard last week, the point is that it was me that chose to say yes, and I know that next week, or the week after, I can choose to say no, if I want.

I know some people will be thinking, ‘lucky her that can have a zero hr contract and not worry about money’ It’s all about choices. I chose to stay in the same house for 20 years and never re mortgage to ‘upsize’ I chose not to have children (i can hear you all sucking in your breath right about now) and I chose not to go down the career path but to pick jobs I like that would be flexible to my lifestyle.

The bottom line is, Work to Live….don’t Live to Work.

So if you’re wondering why I chose to work so much lately….well….we’ll be going here in a few weeks…

new yourk city!

To say I’m excited just doesn't even touch the sides.


Have you been busy lately?


  1. i've had 3 jobs for the past couple of years but to be honest hardly making any more. one's unpaid and the other is only term time, i'm struggling to live!

  2. I don't know how you do it Claire... I work one job and am SO exhausted.

  3. It must have been hard working that many hours, but what a reward is waiting for your trip to NY!
    Sarah x

  4. Thats how it should be, work to live not live to work.

    Gosh you will love New York. Can I sneak in your suitcase?

    X x