Friday, 28 September 2012

Home Sweet Home

Her we are home from our whirlwind trip to NYC. Flying home overnight is a good idea to get the most time in the city, but not good for the bodys need to sleep.
So this was my view for about 17 hrs straight. Well actually I didn't see this view as I was asleep, but you get the drift.
Did we have fun?
What do you think?
Some random pictures of the trip for you...

So much to tell you about. Ground Zero, Greenwich Village, Meeting my Blogger friend, ooooo we'll have to have lots of coffee (tea) dates to catch up.
Hope you've all had a fab week!


  1. Great shots! I loved NYC when I visited!

  2. NYC looks amazing! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

    x Jasmine

  3. 17 hour sleep, that's a monster! great snaps from the trip, very angular

  4. i sure do remember fine fare but a quick google say in was defunct in '86, i was born in 85 so i dunno how i know it. maybe we had some carrier bags knocking about. or people you to refer to the shop which took it over as fine fare. it was called jolly giants after that i think. never heard of white lane, what's that?

  5. I think it's awesome that you went on this whirlwind trip to NYC. You've even put your photos up already :) I have so many to go through and I have to figure out what to share. Can't wait to read yours. x

  6. Oh, what a city, looks like you had an amazing time.

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  7. So happy you guys got back home safely! We miss you dear! Can't wait to see your other NYC posts!


    Miss you!!

  8. Hi Claire,
    Welcome back it looks as if you had a great time in NYC! Greenwich Village looks so lovely and different to the familiar images of NYC.
    Macy's sounds amazing 6 floors of menswear! How big was the woman's department? I get overwhelmed with the choice visiting London!
    Sarah x

  9. Multi beautiful and pretty pictures deserves thanks - thanks