Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I’ve got the plasterers in


fairy light fire

Which is not to be confused with ‘having the painters in’

This is our dining room fire place, which we only ever use a few times a year (unlike the lounge open fire which gets used daily from Oct through to March) due to the fact that it didn’t draw very well so would make the house smell Smokey.


We purchased a wood burning stove which has been sat in the dining room and been used as a dumping ground for all miscellaneous items, that is until this week, when Mr D decided to make the hole bigger to house said wood burner.

Notice I didn’t even get to move my china from the shelves before he took action.

empty fire place

I’m more than a teeny bit excited as having a wood burner in that room means we will be able to load it up and leave it, unlike an open fire which we would never leave un attended.

The plasterer will make the hole prettier, and soon we will be sitting in front of our new fire place, probably with a cup of mulled wine.

To be continued……..

Do you have an open fire in your house?  When we moved in to our house these fire places were covered with old gas fires, which we soon ripped out :)

Roll on winter



  1. No, I've got a wall-mounted gas fire that looks like a flat screen TV. I think it is extremely unattractive, although lots of people seem to like them. Having it removed is on my list, but I need more pennies to have it replaced.

  2. I am so ready for this Fall weather! I don't know why I'm complaining, I wasn't here in NYC for the hottest month as I was in Mexico :P So no reason to complain!
    But yeah! Bring it on winter, I wish i had a fireplace!

    Your almost here, your almost here!!


  3. How wonderful it will be to have a wood burner. Had to smile at Mr D making the hole without clearing your china out of the way! We have both our chimneys blocked off. One has a gas fire in front and in other one has a board in front of it. Your first picture looks so pretty and gives me some inspiration.
    Sarah x

  4. HI I would LOVE a woodburning stove, but live in a modern house so not sure if it would be possible,also I would need to save up for one and of course saving is NOT something I'm very good at!!I do love the picture of your other fireplace it looks so pretty and cosy!Kind Regards Pam.

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  6. Are you going to do a follow up article? Would love to know what happens next.

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