Thursday, 6 September 2012

The rest of The Ritz



When we were stuffed full of itty bitty rectangular sandwiches, cute cakes & swimming in tea, we would be silly not to take a nosy at the other rooms downstairs in The Ritz. Well wouldn't you?


Looking through into another dining area. We sneaked at peak at the menu where you could bizarrely get a 3 course meal for the price of afternoon tea!


A room with a large empty table in the middle….. ?


This is taken from inside the room with the big empty table in it looking out into the main foyer. To the left of Lisa is Palm court…for afternoon tea…and to the right is the other dining area in the above photos. Straight ahead  (or behind Lisa) there was a room with a big sign outside saying ‘private dining’. Hmm that’ll be where the posh people hide form the riff raff then…


This piano and the harp are outside in the main foyer near the Palm Court. Through the doors behind Lisa to to left is stairs leading down to the lovely powder room and to the right is a cloak room.

All around there were chairs and tables to sit at, there were people sitting having cocktails, people watching..staff walking around with trays of Champagne….(ready to spy two girls just about to get in the lift to nosy upstairs! oops!!

I’m looking forward to 3pm tomorrow, as then I am off work until 10pm Sun night!


Sleep. Clean my scummy house. Tidy out more of my shed & list more things on e bay (dollars fund!). Get a load of photos from my comp to disk because I would cry if something happened & I lost them. Party at a friends Sat night! Sleepover at said friends, in our home on wheels!!

I really need to catch up on my mail as I have been very bad. The incoming mail  pile is growing.

What are you up to this weekend?




  1. More lovely photos. Strangely enough downloading photos to disk is on my list for this weekend too, I haven't done it for a few months. I do my last night tonight so I also need to sleep - and clean my scummy house!

  2. never leave without a sneaky nose around

  3. Those look amazing! Great photos!

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. Wow, pretty! I don't think I could ever afford something like this :D

  6. So much fun at the Ritz!!!

    Eeeeeeeeeee.... Just two more weeks left till we have pictures together!!! Yay!!!!!!!